Absolute Duo episode 1 [First Impression]: Subpar Magical School Harem

super bunny girl

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 Let us join the most generic main character you have ever seen. Meet Protagonist, our main guy stuck with beautiful girl and extraordinary power. I certainly have never seen a harem ecchi anime in a school setting that involves magic and battle between the students. Such an original concept, with such original characters…who am I kidding right? This kind of anime has been done, redone and overdone. Yet no matter how many time and how little different between them, I am a sucker for those and must have watched over a dozen of them. If anything, I believe this gives me a very good background to declare Absolute Duo to be an uninteresting anime of that genre.

magical weapon

First from a very superficial point of view, the art style of this anime just isn’t up to what it should be in a ecchi, or an action anime for that matter. Here we want to see either cute girls with little to no clothing or fluid battles with explosions and magic. This means that poor visuals lead to a weaker experience from the viewer. Even from a creative point of view, if we were just to look at the originality of the character design and the magic used, everything is bland and it has all been done before. I’ll seen people summoning different weapons before, I’ve seen the super active bunny girl, the shy yet curious foreign student or the generic main character. There is nothing new to grasp on here.

Now even if we decide to go deeper, this first episode really didn’t offer that much in term of content and story. We have some student coming to a school, they have to battle to get in…and then what? As far as I know the story is simply about this weird school and nothing else, the main character has some scars from his past and some special powers, but at the end of the day this universe looks rather simple and limited. I do not perceive any depth to the story or any foreseeable plot twist in the future, this first episode felt empty and going nowhere interesting. It was 25 minutes of nothing much and stuff I’ve seen again and again already. You can count me out as someone interested in the least.

new roommater

I don’t believe anyone would be interested in this anime, if it somehow seem interesting to you, I might suggest looking at other similar (and yet better) anime like Trinity Seven, which just finished airing and is much better.

ZeroGhj signing off

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