Acchi Kocchi Episode 11: Brb, dying of fangirl


Oh my Tsumiki, since when are you so bold?! *gasp*


It is New Years!!! And it seems like Sakaki, like the idiot that he is, forgot to call Io about their little hangout on that day. Wich means everyone invades his house for the 50th time, waking him up and dragging him to the Shrine. Fun ensues, and the gang ends up at Sakaki’s place, where they pound love into mochi and play karuta like bosses.

The Tsumiki “Death Glare”: It will haunt you forever and ever if you ever look upon it.

The next part involves everyone back at school, where it is currently freezing and half the class is missing due to being sick. In the end, to finish up the episode, Io mentions to Tsumiki how his parents are away, and Tsumiki half-confesses to him while Io reacts to her statement and suddenly feels super embarrassed.







Alright, i’m good now. I sure hope what we saw just now wasn’t a misunderstanding, or else I might flip a few thousand tables.

It seems like Io has finally started feeling something for Tsumiki! Providing that next episode will be the season finale, it isn’t unexpected to see something like this happening, especially after the love tension that was shown all season long. Everything points towards a sweet and adorable ending, which will only cause me to fangirl even more. Honestly, be ready for next episode, ’cause I might “wall-of-text” you in the face.

As for this episode, what to mention apart from its cutesy scenes all over? After all this cute episode with an adorable OST and even more adorable facial expressions, I must say that this week did not pale in quality despite having a little less humour. Heck, I still laughed, however most of the episode was dedicated to smiles and heartwarming times more than giggles and retarded moments. It was a nice change of pace, and I wasn’t deceived at all by what came out of all this.

…Those puppy eyes… *cries*

In the end though, a few jokes still made me laugh… My favorite by far involving once more Sakaki’s weird reasoning:

So… You mean if this is made of love, we’ll poop it out later?



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