Acchi Kocchi Episode 2: Cakes and Chocolates



Everyone is invited to Miiko-san’s cake shop to eat, and since the rain has come down, they all get to wear uniforms and to imagine what it would be like if they were to all work there. In the second half of the show, Tsukimi prepares herself for Valentine’s Day, Mayoi decides to put frogs in chocolate yeah, you heard right and the day ends as Io shows a bit of affection towards Tsumiki.



…I can’t get over it.

…I simply can’t get over how cute and funny this is!!!!! *fangirls*

*Note: Vantage is busy with other shows and so we will not be sharing this, I will be taking care of Acchi Kocchi by my lonesome self.*

I think I fangirled throughout the whole episode, either because I was laughing so hard and I couldn’t stop, or because Tsumiki was making some sweet facial expression which made my heart melt.

As the main characters of this, Tsumiki and Io definitely have their part in this. Their relationship is one which doesn’t ask too much time of the show, and although I doubt they will develop it I like how they still give us a few cutesy scenes here and there, for example when Tsumiki put on the chocolate lipstick. Talking about this girl, I die every time her cat ears pop up…

Next up on the list is Mayoi-chan the Mayoshist. Unpredictable, weird, completely whacked out of her mind, so far this girl is what makes up the show, and she is the main reason I will never even think of dropping this. If Tsukimi’s charms were the only thing that stood out, it would eventually become redundant and boring, however with Mayoi around, the show automatically becomes more interesting, and everything that comes out of her mouth makes me laugh hysterically for 5 minutes.

I was happy the level of quality didn’t drop for episode 2, I was afraid this was going to go like other gag shows and turn out repetitive after the first episode, but this didn’t bore me at all. On the contrary, I think this will pop up among my favourites of the season quite easily, despite the fact that there are tons of shows which interest me. We’ll see how it goes in the next episodes, but I have strong hopes for this!

I will never eat kitty-shaped cakes the same way ever again *cries*


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