Ace of Diamond episode 1 [First Impression]: B-grade Baseball

Ace of Diamond crying defeat

I don’t like Sports, or sports anime, so this reviewed might be skewed towards the negative because of it, keep this in mind. Ace of Diamond is from A to Z everything of what a generic sports anime looks like. The art is average, the characters are overly emotionally attached to their sports and impulsive and overall, just a lot of stupid people hitting balls. I can already tell you that the guy has a lot of potential, that he is going to develop it throughout the season and that in the end he will win the tournament after an intense finale where he will be the one to turn the match around. Every sports anime are that way and Ace of Diamond doesn’t seem to be different one bit.

Ace of Diamond fatty pro

The character is generic, the sport is generic, the anime is generic. Don’t get me wrong I did smile at the little jokes and funny moments during the episode, but there is so much way better anime to watch than this. Although I know that sport anime fan will probably like it, after all the same sentiment of competition, skill development and achievement are in everyone of these anime and this one will most likely make light of them just the same way as any other one. I might not recommend this to anyone, but hey, if you want a B grade sport anime this season, this is one of the thousands available, and probably not the best either.

Ace of Diamond compete

As you might have guessed, I won’t be blogging that show, or watching it. I feel like it is such a waste to spend time on that kind of anime. What I love about anime is their ability to display different kind of story which real actor wouldn’t be able to do, but sports anime have simply no reason to be made into anime in my opinion.

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