Aikatsu! [First Impression] episode 1: and so I was blinded

First Impression

This is SOOOO kawaaiiiiiii! Sparkles, prettiness you’re HURTING MY EYES!!!

Honestly, I don’t know what to do with this sparkly thing. It’s unrealistic, cheesy, girly, happy and completely out of my genre. Guys will want to run away from this thing as much as possible, and I doubt many girls under the age of 14 will like this show (and I’m generous with that age, I was tempted to say 12 at first).

The audience for this show is definitely for the younger generation. It’s naive, cutesy and happy, making girls dream of one day going to an idol school and becoming idols just like that.

This aspect is something which was quite well done in the show, and that is that it really makes people dream. Honestly, even as I was blinded by the sparkles, I could still see that this show is something that would make all the little girls dream of one day becoming an idol. An ordinary girl suddenly gets introduced to this amazing world where everything is about dancing and singing? Heck, I’d be in right away if it was that pretty. So many sparkles would make me feel like a vampire, seriously.

The last thing which needs mentioning is the animation used for the idols. At first, I thought it was the actual girls dancing and it made me facepalm hardcore, thinking «Stupid CG!!!» but it seems like Aikatsu! is just one of those schools which transforms girls into vocaloids. It’s a new concept, but I think it’s cool since it allows for much more movement with the characters. The special appeal made me cower from the shinyness though, but you know… It’s a girly show.

In the end, I guess I can’t necessarily say it’s a bad show. Despite this being cheesy and irrationnal, for its target, the show is very well done. Heck, those sparkles really do it. This is mega-over-super-duper kawaii. It’s just… I don’t imagine myself watching a girly show when the only girly shows I’ve ever watched in my entire life were Shugo Chara and Yumeiro Patissiere. This is ten times worse O____O.

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