Akame ga Kill! episode 1 [First Impression]: Friend Reunion

Akame ga Kill! last goodbye

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I must say I really wasn’t impressed by Akame ga Kill! when I started the episode. The show felt much lighter than I anticipated. There was a lot of anime gimmick, innocent foolishness and smiling characters. I found it rather unfortunate to see something so boring out of the show since the description and genre seemed interesting and White Fox is a producer which I usually love. I was really happy to see the way everything turned out near the end, it gave me hope into this show and hope that it might not be as bad as I originally thought it to be.

Akame ga Kill !cutting bad people in half

I still have a lot of hopes and fears about Akame ga Kill! Visually speaking nothing was out of this world, but everything looked good in general, one of the most important point for the visuals was how gory things were. It is good to know from episode 1 what kind of gore we can expect in a season, what kind of drama and violence, and I certainly liked what I saw. Seeing the amount of blood and the corpses of the tortured made me think that maybe this won’t be such a cheesy and stupid show after all.

I still have a lot of fear about this show though, there is a real strong feeling of light-hearted jokes running around and even this episode I felt that everything went from really dead serious to stupid way too quickly. I felt like the transitions were off and it makes me scared that maybe in the future the show will continue to have those weird moments which completely break the atmosphere and drama. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t start talking about boobs and why I just joined a group of assassin after finding my dead friends which I lived my whole life with and went into an adventure to save my village. His best friend just died brutally of a severe drug just in front of his eyes and the guy is too busy being mesmerized by a beautiful armored knight? What the hell was that about?

Akame ga Kill! Night Raid

Despite all this, I see a lot of potential in this show if it turns right, it makes me want to give it a try and go with it a bit longer to see what it has in store for us. I will watch and blog this show, at least for a bit. The next 2 or 3 episodes will be what decides if I believe in the future of this show or not.

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