Akame ga Kill! episode 10: Running away from Love

Akame ga Kill! conflict of interest

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I am both happy and sad, because as much as I liked this episode, I feel like the entertainment it provided me might not carry on to future episodes. For me having Tatsumi act as a spy inside the enemy base was much more interesting and exciting than anything the show had shown so far. The discussions between Esdeath and Tatsumi was really interesting and it is a path of story telling which is so much more compelling than the silly jokes and mindless combats we’ve had so far. Tatsumi was a fool for leaving, he was in a position of power. He was in reach of Esdeath, he could have learned her weaknesses, learn how to fight her, learn how to subjugate her to his side. If Tatsumi was anything else than a dumb hot blooded fighter, he would have been able to use diplomacy and cunning to change the situation in the capital for the better…but the guy is just too dumb to make use of the unique position he was given.

Akame ga Kill! vindictive

Esdeath is in deep love with Tatsumi, she believes in him and want to see him grow and be by his side. Her philosophy of life goes against what Tatsumi believes in, they are obviously at odd but it doesn’t mean that a compromise can’t come of their union. In the end, Tatsumi and Esdeath are both way too extremist in their view of the world to come to any compromise it seems, but maybe with time the two of them could have found some common grounds in their beliefs. I wouldn’t have even minded if Tatsumi went to Esdeath side and suddenly our point of view of the story changed completely. I must admit that while I understand the corruption and evil coming from the power of the capital, I still like Esdeath’s values much more than those of Night Raid. As a character, Esdeath just seem much more interesting than any of the other characters who were introduced thus far. I wish for the show to introduce more developed and morally interesting characters like her in the future, if it did I think Akame ga Kill! could become something legitimately interesting for once.

Akame ga Kill! pedo scientist

Such a shame that Tatsumi is already back with Night Raid. I do like Akame more than her older sister, but from Wave to Esdeath, nearly all character around the general is really interesting in its own right. So it just seems like a big let down to go back to the initial cast. On the bright side, with the mad scientist finding Night Raid’s hideout, it is quite possible that some more of Tatsumi’s annoying friends will lose their life. The way I see it, the more of the original cast dies, the more likely it is that new, and more polished, characters start appearing to replace them. Now if Tatsumi himself could die and be replaced…that would be just wonderful. Too bad that will never happen.

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