Akame ga Kill! episode 11: Empty Show

Akame ga Kill! Super monster

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As cool as the fighting was this episode, there really isn’t much to say or to remember about it at all. While I had a fun time watching the episode, I really didn’t take anything away from it, I could have watched a freshly painted wall dry for 30 minutes and would have came out with the same result. I am not saying that the episode was boring, but simply that it felt empty of power or reason, to me it felt like I was watching just another shounen with no flavour to make it different in any way. While I cannot deny that Akame ga Kill! is improving by switching out its characters and bringing some more long term pay off, the show still doesn’t evoke anything special to me, it doesn’t have anything that makes it unique.

Akame ga Kill! wire attack

Akame ga Kill! gets a lot of things right, it has great battles, the abilities or Imperial Arms of the characters are unique and original and the violence and gore is present and done well. It was fun to see Doctor Stylish eccentric way to fight, but it is not the first time I’ve seen a character use this very method. Doctor Stylish might have been someone unique to the Akame ga Kill! universe, but it really wasn’t anything special when it comes to the battle shounen genre, I’ve seen millions of mad scientist using mindless minions to do their bidding. At the end of the day, nothing of value was created or lost here.

Akame ga Kill! Doctor Stylish

For Akame ga Kill! to become something serious and respectable to watch it needs to flesh out both its story and its characters, but most of all, it must set itself in the grim/gore mentality and stop making light jokes and undermining itself with ridiculous situations. I’ve said all those things countless times after all, while the show is heading in a much better direction than it was originally, there are still so many flaws and the show feel so empty to watch that I can’t understand why anyone would watch the show instead of any other battle shounen out there. Yes the show has more gore and is more willing to kill off characters, but it doesn’t mean anything when those characters feel as empty as they currently do. At this point the whole crew of Night Raid would be lost and I wouldn’t shed a single tear, death in anime is good, but only when it brings about emotions. When a character die, I should be happy that someone vile left, or sad that someone I loved is no more. I shouldn’t just think “Well, that character was boring anyway, hope someone better will replace him”.

Akame ga Kill! new guy

Next episode of Akame ga Kill! will marks the halfway point of the season. This is where some huge action scene with great implication are to happen. If this episode is any indication of what Akame ga Kill! consider an epic episode, I would rather leave the show alone from now on. Next episode will most likely be the last episode of Akame ga Kill! I will be covering. I understand the show to be hugely popular in America, but I just don’t see what quality the show has that keep people watching it. I’ve been watching every episodes avidly waiting for the sudden twist and change in story that would sell the show to me…this episode has yet to happen and we are 11 episodes in. I’ll keep watching the show for a little bit, but I’m done having any hope with it. Maybe the manga is great, but this anime is dull and isn’t worth anyone’s time. With half the episodes watched, I’d give the show a 7/10. It is alright, but not good enough to be worth watching unless you have nothing better to do.

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