Akame ga Kill! episode 12: I’m done, this was not worth my time

Akame ga Kill! silly shit

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 This episode, I think that this episode of Akame ga Kill! was exactly what I needed. I have been thinking of dropping this show for a long time now, I was never a huge fan of it, but at the same time I was never able to dismiss it completely. Akame ga Kill! does have some good side, but overall it is just not a great show no matter how you look at it. This episode is the perfect example of every single flaws and things I disliked about the show so far. How fitting that such a terribly flawed episode would air just in time to provide evidence of everything I dislike about Akame ga Kill!. In term of shitty episode, this episode was definitively the ultimate example at how ridicule and overrated Akame ga Kill! is.

Akame ga Kill! house master

Akame ga Kill! still feels so aimless, at some point I began believing the author was just throwing a dice around to decide what was going to happen next in the story. Once again, next episode will bring a new enemy that comes from nowhere just for the sake of our characters having someone to fight. Akame ga Kill! is such a generic battle shounen that it is difficult to see anything it does outside the norm, except maybe for the added gore. When the characters themselves acknowledge that they are going to level up and develop their secret ability…you know you’ve exited the realm of “interesting” a couple exits ago.

With the amount of deaths and gore in Akame ga Kill!, it is pretty obvious that their audience are not 7 years old, so why would the formula for the show be so generic and boring? Half this episode was spent making stupid remark about the new character or having cheap laugh. I never was able to appreciate a single joke in Akame ga Kill!, they are more comic relief than actually funny, the jokes only break the tension. Which is kind of sad when all I am ever waiting for with Akame ga Kill! is for tension to spark, not for it to be extinguished. The only thing those jokes are good for is ruining the show.

Akame ga Kill! caught peaking

Without a doubt, I do not understand the hype behind Akame ga Kill! the show failed to impress me on any level and I’ve seen so many battle shounen than I am completely blazé with generic crap like this one. The hype around the show just made everything more disappointing. I had hope at some point for the show, but I’ve watched the show for 12 episodes and it is nothing more than average, at this point it doesn’t even matter if it gets better eventually, it was not worth my time. I won’t be looking at this show from now on, there are many interesting shows coming this Fall and I’d much rather review something fresh and interesting than one more episode of Akame ga Kill.

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