Akame ga Kill! episode 2: From one extreme to another

Akame ga Kill! defeating the ennemy

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I’m having some trouble with Akame ga Kill! As much as I like the show…I hate it at the same time. It makes me really wonder if I’ll be able to watch it or not. There is such a polar opposite atmosphere in the show between the friendly scenes and the one involving murder, it is disconcerting. I spend about half the show completely disconnected and wondering why the hell I am watching a silly shounen for kid and then the other half happen where the atmosphere changes dramatically and everything turns dead serious and real.  It is really difficult to juggle those two style and I feel like the divide between the two is too pronounced for this anime to work properly.

Akame ga Kill! bitchy girl

I really enjoy the dark vibe of the show, when things get serious and we get into assassination and moment of danger, these moments feel real. Every time someone is about to die, or the discussion about the corruption in the capital is touched upon we get this really intense and sad feeling of tragedy. I enjoy this serious atmosphere, I enjoy the darkness and cruelty of reality, I wish that most of the show followed this vision, I want for this darkness to lead the story, not the stupid cheerfulness that we see for most of the episode.

Akame ga Kill! boss

I understand that most grim and cruel shows needs breather moment, times for the characters to cheer up and make the show less depressing. I understand that having a good interaction between the characters and a more cheerful mood help bring about another vision of the world, it helps everyone remember that despite the hard time, despite the deaths, the world is a beautiful place and you can still love living and enjoy what you have. I understand all of this, but oh god is there way too many corny and stupid moment in this show for what it is. Akame ga Kill! is a very violent show, it is a very real show in the events and assassination it depicts, this episode alone a women sold her body to make sure the man who framed and executed her husband would be put to death, we are not talking slower and happiness here. For those reason I find practically insulting that every other scene is about cheerful characters disconnected from reality and just making stupid faces. I understand how those trained killers need time to relax and be themselves, time to live life, but the happy and sad moment are as such extreme from one another that it just makes for two great a shift, for me anyway.

Akame ga Kill! handsome man

I will keep watching and blogging this show for a bit more, but my faith in Akame ga Kill! is fading slowly. I am certain more grim scenes will happen and the story will get rough, but if it remains coated in so much happy-go-lucky generic school ecchi anime moment, I won’t be able to appreciate the show enough to continue watching it.

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