Akame ga Kill! episode 3: Guns in fantasy

Akame ga Kill! gun girl

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First thing first, I never liked guns in fantasy setting. I understand the steampunk genre, but I really don’t like mixing sniper rifles with swords. I just feel that there is simply no place for both since a single gun can kill a hundred swords man no matter their skill. The second that guns come into play I feel like any melee battle lose all purpose. Mine could have killed everyone there without any effort if she was given the chance. It just makes for the action to be much less interesting in my eyes.

Akame ga Kill! gun and underwear

  The character design of the bad guy in the show sure is weak compared to the rest of the story. I feel like the gang of night raid all have interesting round character with decent background and interesting personalities, yet every villain so far, especially the grand minister, all seem so lame and generic. Every target we have seen so far was just a greedy man who accepted living in a world without moral simply because they had power. I understand that it is important for those “Evildoers” to actually be morally irresponsible and doing wrong, but I just wish there was a bit more of a reason for them to do so than “being evil”. I feel it is a rather weak argument overall to such ordinary character.

Akame ga Kill! savage girl

So far Akame ga Kill! really doesn’t surprise me or take my heart away with its story or characters. Especially in term of characters everyone seem rather tame, I’ve seen the same kind of team of adventurer in many fantasy show before, so it really takes away from the anime when you’ve seen that kind of relationship between the characters time and time again. I am afraid we are not in 2005 anymore. Anime has to continue evolving and creating new and interesting story and character, Akame ga Kill! is simply reusing things that have been overdone.

Akame ga Kill! mad minister

I must take its defense though because while from story to characters everything it does is rather tame, at least it had the guts to be explicit about its violence and sexual terror in the story. Most shows usually overlook this kind of content to make things more family friendly and acceptable, but it is this guts that brought me to take interest in Akame ga Kill! in the first place.  I still have a lot of trouble blogging Akame ga Kill! because I find it has very little to offer, but I will stick with it a little bit longer in hopes that things get better.

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