Akame ga Kill! episode 4: Akame is great

Akame ga Kill! Akame

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Now that Mine isn’t at the very center of this episode Akame ga Kill! felt a lot more bearable than last episode. I felt there was much less ridiculous, pointless interaction between the characters this episode, which I appreciated a lot. Instead of free fanservice, comical conversation or irritating characters, this episode we got some plot development and actually interesting character taking the spotlight.

Akame ga Kill! bromance

Every characters in Akame ga Kill! are rather annoying, but if there is one character which I can stand more than other it is definitively Akame. She is one of the only assassin of the group which actually behave like one and plays the part. She will play a major role in the show seeing as she is one of the main character, but then again Mine is a main character too so it is rather difficult to judge if this show will be fun or painful to watch. I’m still very much on the edge about Akame ga Kill! the show is a combination of many things I love and many things I hate about anime. Despite the show clearly being a shounen I wish the show was less of a traditional shounen. With this episode it seems likely that every couple episode from now on will have a new major bad guy for people to fight against. It will follow some kind of traditional path for a shounen, which is a bit disappointing. I feel like the quality of this anime is much greater than its story or content.

Akame ga Kill! Mine

In more episode related news, Tatsumi finally got his hand on an imperium arm, right after learning what they were in the first place. How convenient that he got to learn those weapon existed right before actually getting his hand on one. Even more convenient that the weapon he found fits perfectly with his combat style and he won’t have to learn something completely different. Obviously he will have to adapt slightly to his new tool and learn the little kinks of using his “seeing into the future” tool, but overall he can keep on fighting like he uses to.

Akame ga Kill! rest in peace

One thing that the show did well at least is in creating a very interesting and personalized enemy in a single episode. It is not easy to find a bad guy which people can have some kind of interest in, even more difficult to do so in a single episode. Usually when a character dies in the same episode as he is introduced it is a very flat character with no personality. Really have to give credit for the awesome character introduction and personalization for this simple slasher. His backstory was explained just enough to have him make sense and feel real.

I’m still not sure if I’ll blog this show till the end, but I’ll probably force myself to continue blogging it until episode 6 at the very least. I understand how the show has potential, I just find it really hard to be found at time.

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