Akame ga Kill! episode 5: It is a Thin Line we are Threading right now

Akame ga Kill! Esdeath sex slave

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Maybe I’m going soft, maybe I’m in a bad mood, or maybe it is justified. What ever the actual reason, I actually liked this episode of Akame ga Kill! somehow and found this episode to be a step up from what we saw previously. First we got to be introduce to Sheele who was a solid character at the same level of Akame, this renewed my hope that the show won’t revolved too much around Mine and instead we will simply learn more about all the members of Night Raid one after another. Second, we were introduced to some new characters outside of Night Raid this episode, one of which will probably become the main antagonist in the future, Esdeath. As long as Esdeath is build up a bit more and we get to see her multiple times before she confronts Night Raid, it could make for an interesting final battle for this shounen. Having said that, the show is 24 episodes, so there is still a lot of time for other characters to be introduced and be expanded upon. So I might, just might, decide to get some hope for the show to improve in the future and justify those 4 first episode has simply being a slow start.

Akame ga Kill! laughing your ass off

In other news, I was really surprised that Tatsumi somehow didn’t already got an imperial arm. With the title of the episode and the previews from last one it seemed to all point out that Tatsumi would get the all-reading-eye imperial arm and be struggling to work with it properly. But no, instead the eye was used just for a little bit longer, just long enough to have some free random fanservice that really didn’t provided anything. At least now maybe Tatsumi will get an item that suits him a bit more, he is the kind of main character who would just go around with a big sword that cut stuff very well, not really someone who would get something original. I just wish the show was living up to its hype a bit more, but somehow the masses seems to enjoy it despite how ordinary Akame ga Kill! has been so far.

Akame ga Kill! super assassin Sheele

Somehow, I still want this show to be good, I still want to learn to love the characters and become attached to them, I still want to watch an episode and feel “This was awesome!”, I still hope for it to turn around and impress me, but I still have to hold judgement for now since it is threading a very thin grey area for now.

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