Akame ga Kill! episode 6: Dying for ages

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Things took a sudden turn for the dramatic in this episode of Akame ga Kill!. While I am sure that a lot of viewers were amazed and on their knees that someone would die, I cannot say that I am that surprised or impressed with the events of today’s episode. It was fun to see that everyone is always at risk of losing their lives, it was interesting to have that confirmation and to be reminded that at its core Akame ga Kill! is a show about gruesome deaths, but at the end of the day I wish things would have been done a bit better.

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It was interesting for them to kill off Sheele so quickly after introducing her, she was one of my favourite character so far, so it was nice to see that she was gone. Here is what I mean by this. having characters you care about die is a very good way to tell the audience that anyone can be next, it was a good move to set the pace of the anime once more. Now where I got a problem with is the way she was killed. We’ve had a bit of time last episode with Sheele, we knew what she was doing there, we learned a bit about her past, it was nice. Yet somehow, she had more screen time this episode when she died. She must have been dying for at least half of the damn episode, it was painful. At first it was awesome, she suddenly got killed out of nowhere, it was unexpected it was exciting. But then we had about 10 minutes of flashbacks…Last episode we already spent most of the episode learning about her, I really don’t need a reminder and more past memories of someone who is now dead ! If it was not enough, Sheele took years to finally die. Look, it is one thing to make things epic for the death of a character, but when it takes so long that I can go take a shit and come back and she would still be dying, it just ruins everything. The pacing of the episode in this show is simply awful, I feel like the manga might be great, but the Director of the anime just fucked up.

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Speaking of ruining everything. From what I understood Sheele’s Imperium Arm had the ability of cutting everything, yet somehow it was blocked about a thousand times in that fight. Maybe I missed something, maybe there is some bullshit explanation for that, but I feel like this cheapens the show quite a bit. I must say I still am not a fan of Akame ga Kill! and I really hope things will improve otherwise I will probably stop watching the show around episode 12.

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