Akame ga Kill! episode 7: Bulat BroStory

Akame ga Kill! super bro

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Thinks are slowly starting to heat up in Akame ga Kill!, things are getting ever so slowly more brutal and the little comedic moment are finally starting going away to make way for the more serious story of this world.  I was getting so overly sick of the casual jokes and the constant undermining of their own show, if things can just keep on going into darker and more sadistic territory I can finally get behind Akame ga Kill! some more. I am happy to see that the show is quickly changing its atmosphere and direction towards what it should have been from the beginning. So long as we don’t suddenly have a bikini and beach episode around episode 14, I think I will allow myself to start liking this show a bit more than I did previously.

Akame ga Kill! Esdeath

Now into this episode itself, I believe that despite all the fighting and gruesome violence, the one thing which I found most interesting this episode was definitively Esdeath and her sudden desire to find love. We really barely know anything about that character yet, but along with Akame, she is the only female character I am able to appreciate in this show thus far. She seems vicious, cruel yet intelligent. She is strong while retaining all the quality of a women, she is the femme fatale of the show in my heart. I would love to have a date with Esdeath, even knowing that it would probably end up as a praying mantis date at the end of the night. Despite all my talk about disliking the small talk of the show, I am eager to learn more about Esdeath taste in a man (if it will even be a man). I’m curious to see what kind of person a woman like her might possibly desire.

Akame ga Kill! Power of Bulat

Other than Esdeath, I must say I really like the character of Bulat, but really not so much his story. I somehow like the big metrosexual brodude who happens to be one of the strongest assassin. The guy has strength beyond imagination but always act like he just came out of a frat house. I really enjoy seeing the way he approaches problem and help others, but I must admit his backstory really turns me off. The way he was hurt because his General went to the capital never to come back, now for the “big reveal” that the general was in fact still alive and now working under Esdeath. I just don’t seem to care one bit and I feel like Bulat might not be the best character to have those kinds of story of betrayal, his character just doesn’t work well with that kind of stuff. I think Bulat is a great mentor for Tatsumi and a great character to have in the team of assassin, but I really don’t want to know what kind of brostory he could have, I just want to see him fight and stay awesome without knowing too much about him.

Akame ga Kill! Night Raid

Overall, I’m starting to enjoy the show more and more as it goes by. I really hope that it will get even better because it already seems so mainstream it would really annoy me if it turned into a shitty show which everyone has watched. The Sailor Moon remake is already doing a good enough job at airing something awful to the mass, Akame ga Kill! doesn’t need to follow up on it.

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