Akame ga Kill! episode 8: Formulaic Shows are Unexciting

Akame ga Kill! newfound power

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The show has pretty well established how it is going to unfold and despite its popularity in north america, I just can’t get myself to appreciate it. The show is too cliché and formulaic, it removes the element of surprise and amazement. Every episode a new character is introduced just to be the next opponent and then someone dies. I can already say that it is most likely everyone in night raid will die before this show is over, with Akame and Tatsumi being one of the only exceptions. Sheele’s death was surprising and interesting, but now Bulat’s death was so foreshadowed and evident that the episode just felt like a really dragged on battle with no interesting outcome.

Akame ga Kill! water dragon

I really didn’t enjoy this episode one bit. It felt like it was just a silly dragon ball battle with abilities coming out of nowhere and extremely cliché events. It was secret ultimate power one after the other, ultimately ending in a long drawn out death once again. You know how death usually work in the real world? It is swift and coming from nowhere, not something predictable that takes forever. By the time Bulat got fatally wounded, he still stayed alive for about 10 more minutes. The cruelty of death is the inability of someone to convey their final wish or to be prepared for it. Akame ga Kill! approaches death in such a weird way that it just ruins it’s meaning and its story telling power. Never would I have though that a show which focuses so much on death could turn out so lame.

Akame ga Kill! dying forever

And now obviously, like every other battle shounen out there, the main character inherited the most straight forward of power out there. People have imperial arm which can create ice, control water, flute which hypnotize people and all seeing eyes which allow to see the future. Yet our main character get a big armor with a big sword. Let’s give the guy something which only increases strength base on your determination and courage and has nothing to do with intelligence, this way we will absolutely make sure that nothing intelligent ever happen in this show and we can keep doing generic stuff instead.

Akame ga Kill! with the power of my ring

There are just so many battle shounen cliché in this episode it is simply impossible to deny the show its lack of originality. At the beginning of the episode everyone spent half an hour talking to each other instead of fighting, telling everyone their ability and screaming the ability name before every attack. Afterwards Bulat and Tatsumi had an hour long talk as Bulat was taking forever to die, all the while the enemy was still right there and just waiting for them to finish talking. I’m pretty sure the boat would have had time to get to its destination before everyone was done describing every ability they have and how they would kill one another.

I most likely won’t be blogging this show past episode twelve. I know there are claims that the story get itself together eventually, but right now I just keep seeing a huge amount of nonsense and a broken formulaic story that is going nowhere. I just don’t have fun watching this show, it is simply boring thus far.

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