Akame ga Kill! episode 9: Esdeath new Lieutenants

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I have been told that Akame ga Kill! as a manga was a complete mess going nowhere at first and the story eventually find its way and become awesome. I am still hoping and wondering at each passing episode if finally the sudden turn of events are leading the way for this new positive change in the story. Once again this episode I was disappointed with the atmosphere and nature of the show, but I saw some hope in the way things ended. Seeing Tatsumi being taken away into the lair of Esdeath has suddenly changed my perspective and brings new prospect for the story that wasn’t present before.

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Throughout Akame ga Kill! so far we just had some very boring and out of the woodwork villains so far. Every time some new bad guy appear it was always the same episode of their introduction. We never really had a chance to go deeper and actually learn anything meaningful about the targets before they were eliminated. Now things could be different though, already this episode we were able to get somewhat of an introduction to all those characters as they introduced each other to Esdeath, but not only that, now Tatsumi will be a part of Esdeath crew.

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Now, here is what I hope will happen, Tatsumi will be away with Esdeath for a very long time, he will start acting as a spy and use this opportunity to get stronger and learn more about Esdeath, her weaknesses and her team. This is a golden opportunity to see Tatsumi grow while all at the same time learning more about the other side of the coin.

I understand that I probably set myself up for disappointment here, but I really wish that a good chunk of time good go by with Tatsumi going around and becoming much stronger as a subordinate of Esdeath. I want him to suddenly change side completely and give us a whole new perspective on the world. Despite my hopes, I am not naïve and I figure that instead we will just have stupid jokes about Tatsumi being a sex slave. My deeper, more realistic thought is that Tatsumi will be free from Esdeath the very next episode without learning half of what I wish he did. I guess I just cannot stop hoping for better from a show that is somehow so popular in america and yet didn’t delivering anything interesting so far.

Akame ga Kill! silliness is ruining the show

I really just want to show to cut the crap with all the light joke ruining the atmosphere. The characters are interesting, the willingness to kill them off quickly is just as great. So why does the show spend so much time destroying its own suspense is beyond me. Akame ga Kill! must be good at some point though, I can’t believe a show so mediocre would be so loved from the fan of the manga unless things got better. I just want that final proof, just want this revelation of awesomeness unveil before me before I finally give up and stop watching the show all together. It can’t happen soon enough, my patience is slowly reaching its limit.

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