Aku no Hana episode 1 [First Impression]: Just my 2 cents…wait, that’s more than the show’s budget

main character

This show is so ugly and the voice actors suck so much. Did these guys lose a bet or did they just drop their wallet for the production on the way home? The show is so low-budget that African child aid would be sufficient to pay for the production from A to Z. The opening was so lame that I could reproduce it in 5 hours work time, and 3 of those hours would be used to try to replicate the absolutely atrocious singing. I don’t know if everyone noticed, but if you pay really close attention in the opening, you could clearly see a small second where the picture is the same as the other 1:29 of the opening.


Because of all this, I think it is pretty obvious and clear if I say this: I absolutely love this show. I never expected for something like this to show up this season… To be fair, I wasn’t expecting this show to show up in this decade. The general feel of the show reminded me of old mindfuck classics like Paprika or Serial Experiment Lain and the art quality reminded me of the original final episode of Evangelion. The show is so slow, so little happened this episode and there just doesn’t seem to be anything good about it when you first look at it, but for some reason I am completely drawn to it. Let me be completely honest here: this episode sucked, nothing happened, the show is super slow, the scenes are repetitive and feel distant and fixed and everything is just bad about this show…everything, but the general feeling it gives.

creepy smile

Because of the “special” art style, the show is able to display emotions and actions in a completely different manner. The show is able to draw what ever feeling they want and express it. Most of the smiles in the show felt creepy as hell and the voice seemed completely off compared to the mouth movement. Everything is so wrong with this show and yet it feels so creepy and dark. Especially the ending, the quality is yet again so bad but for some reason they made it so creepy with such a low-budget. The way that the credit freezes from time to time and are distorted and the way the robotically sang song just made the outro so much creepier.

teacher gonna slap a bitch

I’m not sure how easy or difficult this show will be to blog, but I want to do it either way; maybe it is because I became a huge hipster or I just love cheering up the underdog, but this show is definitively worth my time, and I want more of it.

ZeroGhj signing off

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