Aku no Hana episode 10: Empty Shell

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This show is turning more and more into the romantic psychological drama it was meant to be in the first place, I’m kind of disappointed that it didn’t get more twisted than what we just saw, I was expecting for things to get darker and heavier, not for the emotional showdown to happen so early on. Saeki is an angel, Nakamura a demon and Kasuga is but an empty shell that follows the flow and can’t make any decisions or do anything for himself. Both girls were in love with him, but both of them loved a part of him which he doesn’t consider to exist. It is kind of sad that he had two girl going for him but in the end he will lose everything because he cannot decides on what he wants. The guy is such a pussy and he is so scared to make a decision that he will later regret that instead he never take any decisions what so ever.

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Kasuga describes himself as an empty shell and a piece of shit, the greatest piece of shit there ever was even, but there is great quality in an empty shell. empty shells are usually quite obedient as they have no will of their own. Empty shells also happens to be so empty that just any kind of person or attention will fill their inside, no matter how crazy or boring that person is. The last and best quality of an empty shell, is that they can become anything, since they have yet to take any direction in life they are still free to be anything they want to be, or anything you want them to be. While he claim that he doesn’t understand anything about the book and he uses it only to make himself look interesting, it would be a lie to say he doesn’t understand a single thing in it considering how he acts. After all the story does reenact Beaudelaire dilemmas with women really well and he is at the center of that story. I would say Kasuga just lack any kind of self-esteem and that he only needs a woman to define him before he can start living his life.

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Now enough about Kasuga, the one thing I found hilarious this episode is that 3 children were missing. Kasuga had left early in the afternoon and he clearly ran away, her mother was fully aware of it after all. Meanwhile Saeki confirmed that Nakamura left the house a long time ago and his father seemed aware of it. Now Saeki left during dinner, she went straight for Nakamura and Kasuga, not only did she manage to catch up to them but her parent even got time to alert the authorities and the police manage to find them by that time frame. Now the award for worst parents goes to…Kasuga and Nakamura. I mean Kasuga’s mother seemed pretty worried and really searched for her kid, but it seemed that she never even though about telling the police about it, even though it must have been hours since he had left. After seeing how useless their parents were, it is really no surprise to see that Kasuga and Nakamura are so fucked up.

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