Aku no Hana episode 11: Good Father, Bad mother

Aku no Hana familly

Well this episode was full of nothing. I mean I understand that the show is an art film more than anything else, I am fully aware that Aku no Hana is nothing more than an excuse to test out the new Rotoscope technology, I know that the show was always meant to be an artsy show and one only ever watched by hipster of the anime genre, but still. I feel like I’ve seen so many walkway in this show already. I think if we combined them together we could easily have 3 complete episode of silence and people walking in the street in Aku no Hana.

Aku no Hana street walking

In other news, in the end it seems that Nakamura won. Kasuga discovered that he was empty and he had the choice between an angel and a demon, and he chose the demon. While some might question is choice, with good reason, I can’t really say that Nakamura didn’t had her bright side. In the end both Nakamura and Saeki ran away from Kasuga, so neither of them were really worth keeping in the first place, but Nakamura at least has the defeat of being a completely insane girl who reject just about everyone. She also never really stop loving Kasuga and she is only pissed at him and nothing else, the moment he starts being insane once again she will be naked at his doorsteps. It is really a surprise to me that she has still yet to fuck him or at least tried to. She stripped him naked multiple times but even though Kasuga was clearly attracted to her he still never tried anything and nor did she, Kasuga really should grow some balls already.

Aku no Hana saeki

Now Kasuga will want to become a deviant to win back Nakamura, I’m sure his mom will be so happy about that decision. That woman was already so ridiculously prone to tears, she didn’t even seemed to have tried to do anything about her son, she just started crying and she abandoned everything before even trying. I think that with a mother like that there was just no chance for their son to be sane and normal, she was completely right to blame herself for how her son became. At least I must commend the dad as he seem very understanding and like a potentially quite important figure for the kid. After all he seems very patient with him and always ready to listen to him and let him develop and experience with himself his youth. I wish I had a dad like that.

Anyways, hopefully next week we’ll be able to see something happening, other than sidewalks and road at least.

ZeroGhj signing off

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