Aku no Hana episode 12: The Deviant’s Father

Aku no Hana sad father

I’m afraid I’ll be completely disappointed by this show only because my expectations towards it are completely different from what the show seems to be heading for. You can’t really blame me for that either, considering how the atmosphere of the show is so dark and “particular, It wouldn’t seem odd in any way if the show suddenly crapped us a mass suicide out of nowhere. The show is so depressive that there could be a murder while everyone around dance naked in the pool of blood and that wouldn’t be something THAT surprising.

Aku no Hana death room

I would love that next episode begin and it is revealed what lies behind Nakamura’s door: The decapitated body of her mother, smeared with shit and with razor blade in her vagina. Now that would be a scene to see that would definitively give credit to the absolutely creepy feeling of the show. Now of course while this would be somewhat of my fantasy ending for the show, it obviously won’t happen. It is actually way more likely that in reality Nakamura is just a sad little girl and her room is all pink and filled with unicorn. That girl might act tough and like a deviant, but in reality she is just really weak inside and she has some serious issues which no one seems to understand. I mean it really is no surprise that the girl acts in such foolish way if she has no one in the world who can understand her.

Aku no Hana she's not amused

Next episode will be the last one, I’m certain that a lot of people can’t wait for this thing to be over with already, but I personally liked the show a lot. I feel like while the story was lackluster, what really made me love the show was the way it was presented; the music, the grittiness of the pictures and the mischievous characters. I feel like the manga and the anime have a completely different vibe the one from the other and it makes things a lot more interesting, but also disappointing, with this show. Instead of murder and atrocities we get school drama and regular messed up kids. I might be really messed up since even Aku no Hana fails to satisfy my need for horror and creepiness.

Aku no Hana grandmother

In other news, it was really nice to finally meet Nakamura’s father and grandmother. We could finally understand a bit more what kind of world this little girl lived in. I must admit I was expecting for the father to be a drunk or simply a trashy nut job, but turns out he is just an helpless man with an hopeless kid.  It just makes Nakamura look even more like a crazy bitch more than anything else. I feel like when her mother left she got messed up more than she should have been, I’m sure that next episode we will learn much more about it, but I’m also convinced that it will be much more boring than a decapitated mother with feces and sharp objects in odd places.

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