Aku no Hana episode 13 [Final] : Waste of Time

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Well this episode was completely boring and a huge waste of time. I have no idea why they would even bothered doing a 13th episode if the only event that actually took place is the beginning of the second contract between Kasuga and Nakamura. It was a nice touch to add glimpses of every evil demeanor they would do in the future season (I’ll talk about that later) but it just seems really out of place considering I was expecting to actually have some content shown to me this episode, some kind of conclusion to all of this.

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Some people judge a show only by their endings, and if I were to do the same Aku no Hana would definitively get an amazingly low rating right now. This episode was a complete waste of time since there was actually nothing happening THIS episode what so ever. The episode was 90% flashbacks and flash-forwards and the 10% that is left was a scene were Kasuga opened a door for 2 hours. I seriously wish that the 13th episode of the show could have given us something worthwhile, the show already had such a low rating everywhere because of the new visual technique and how slow it was. It is already difficult for people to like it, so why would you try to hype people for a second season when the first one already sucked so much?

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Now, about the flash forward this episode, by saying this I refer to every single sequences we saw involving both Nakamura and Kasuga that never took place during the series 13 episodes. Some people have said that those were reference to an alternate universe where Kasuga did follow Nakamura’s contract, others says that it is what really happen and Kasuga somehow as a double personality or he has selective amnesia, but in the end, I’m afraid that as lame as it sounds, this is only what the future holds for the two of them. Kasuga proposed a contract to Nakamura and this time around I think she might go with it and they might be able to make life terrible for everyone around them, but they will be happy together. This means that those flashes of moments were all spoiler for a second season to try and hype us up for it. I find it lame to hype for a second season when the first one was already so lame and I also find it quite boring that just about every interesting moment of the second season have already been spoiled now anyway.

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I highly doubt (and hope) a second season of this crap won’t ever be made, not because the story was crap, but because the production was too weird and out of pace to make this thing interesting to watch. I’ve had enough of the show already that I feel confident I’d be happy to simply forget about it now and leave it on the huge pile of anime that should have never been.

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