Aku no Hana episode 2: May I smell your boobs please mam’ ?

smell my boob crack

I know I already mentioned this the first episode, but this show really have the most stunning opening theme I’ve seen in a while. I mean I can blink when the background change and I would never notice that anything happened at all. It ain’t like the song is much better either, I would probably sound the same if I was trying to sing in japanese.

retard face

The voice actor for the main character is so terrible that it makes the deepest and most corrupt scene look absolutely ridiculous, but if one is somehow able to go beyond that point, this show is absolutely fucked up and crazy to watch. The twisted feeling that is transmitted with this show is absolutely gut-ripping painful. This show wouldn’t be the same without the crazy bad and ugly animation. The bad voice acting and the low-budget makes everything seems like so much more than it should be.  Let’s be realistic here, the guy only stole a pair of gym clothes. Even if he jerked off to it and put it back it wouldn’t have been more than a small misadventure for him. Yes his love story with Saeki is absolutely over, but who ever managed to make a high school romance work anyways? It was already obvious that he never had a chance with that girl to begin with, now it just means that his painful stalking will be over for real and he will be able to move on to a girl who might actually be in his league to begin with.

souless monster

The guy had really no way to get out of this on good term with the rest of his classmates, his only available option were to either destroy the clothes or return them without being seen. Instead he opted for the “let’s actually plant my face in between her boobs when I tell her I stole her gym clothes and masturbated while smelling her scent”, I guess to each their own, I personally would have destroyed the evidence and forgotten it ever happened.

sexy time with stolen clothes

On the bright side the guy now has something going between him and the craziest girl at school. He was aiming for the best looking girl and ended up with the crazy red-head…gotta love those crazy red-head. (everyone who says that she is not a natural red head is just a hater).

contract making

From here it is pretty obvious where this show will be going, The pervert and the crazy will go out together, lose their virginity in the back of the mountains and have an illicit red-head baby that will murder everyone in town. From the anime I’ve seen lately I think that that is the most likely scenario. I just hope no rats will come in their way and ruin their fun. Those two social outcast will somehow manage to have a long and wonderful life of sin and treachery.

ZeroGhj signing off

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