Aku no Hana episode 3: Corruption is creeping in

Aku no Hana desperate

This show is unlike anything else that aired in a long while. It is creepy beyond expectation and some people would pretty much label this as horror…and not only because the quality is horrible.  The show is starting to get weirder and weirder with each passing episode. It becomes very difficult to understand just what the hell is going through the head of the characters.

Aku no Hana crazy psycho

Nakamura has started taking a liking of bullying Kasuga. It seems like she is simply head over heels for that guy. It is really difficult to tell if she has a love interest in him or if she is simply amazed to have found someone else “as crazy as she is”. Nakamura definitively has some serious issues going on. She essentially raped Kasuga, she stripped him down and made him wear the clothes of another girl. The worst part is that you end up realizing that this was all some kind of weird fantasy for her. Not only does She looks delighted by the sight, she must have been so turned on too. She is a pervert in more than a way.

Aku no Hana bullied

It is even worse that the show just constantly gives off this weird creepy feeling. When Nakamura said that she wished the people around her would turn into shitty maggot I could visualize all the little maggot coming out of the bodies of everyone had school and covering the ground and every hallway of the school to form a giant mass of filth that would consume the world. That character is beyond scary and mental, Kasuga will become corrupted by that girl it is certain, he is doomed to a life of exile and monstrosity because by the look of things he is completely unable to escape the grasp of that evil bitch.

Aku no Hana trouble inbound

Now that he has officially been labeled as someone who defended her he has no chance to ever make it back to the surface, to make it back into the world. His friends will abandon him and he might very well abandon himself. He was pulled into a world he hates with someone he despises and he doesn’t seem to have nor the will or the strength to pull himself out of it. He might continue to be bullied by Nakamura until he feels he has redeemed himself for the horrible things he has done to Saeki (even though he didn’t actually do nothing wrong in reality).

This show is definitively not for everyone, weak soul would be scared shitless because of the story, but it is definitively a great watch for anyone who was crazy enough to watch it beyond the first episode.

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