Aku no Hana episode 4: Break down the walls of love and life

Aku no Hana saeki

Well, this show is surprising to say the least. I never expected for Kasuga to get a chance with Saeki again. I mean the guy stole her gym clothes, wore them once, he sniffed her boobs and overall he is just a creepy bastard. Now somehow he managed to get a date scheduled with her after he dropped the box he was carrying for her? How much of a loser can he be and still stand a chance with that class Ace? I mean if I were to write a book for high school dating 101, the only step of the “Thinks not to do” that Kasuga is missing is to 1. Cum on Saeki’s hair or 2. chop her into pieces with a chainsaw. Every single other things he could have done wrong, he did.

Aku no Hana sweet hug by the stairs

Now the guy is stuck  with a friend difficult to get rid of and Nakamura is not even jealous of him. It would have been one thing to have Nakamura pissed off because she wanted to keep Kasuga for himself, but it is a completely different story to see that she doesn’t even care and she just wants to see Kasuga completely destroy himself and the shackle of the world around him. I was someone unsure if Nakamura was in love with Kasuga and she just had really weird way of expressing it or if she was simply a psycho. In my book this episode pretty settles the issue. Nakamura is most definitively a psycho. If I were Kasuga I’d just run for my life right now, because there is no way he is making it out alive. Right now there seems to be only two options, either he destroys himself psychologically until he reach the point when he just can’t do anything but commit suicide OR he tries to run away and Nakamura will savagely murder him and leaves his naked, raped and multilated corpse on the streets for everyone to see. She might just piss on the corpse before leaving too, just for good measure.

Aku no Hana psycho

At this point Kasuga is on a date with the “love of his life”, wearing her gym clothes and there is a really creepy, possibly dangerous, red head creeping in his back. You know that there is absolutely nothing that could go right in this date what so ever. First of all, books might be awesome to read, but they are an awful date activity. Secondly, Kasuga will be way too busy worrying about the psycho behind him to enjoy his date even a little bit. I think the thing that would surprise me most in this show is if Kasuga somehow manage to keep Saeki in his life long enough for the 13 episodes to finish.

Aku no Hana creeper

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