Aku no Hana episode 5: Dating an Angel and a Bully

Aku no Hana weirdest date

I’m really surprised with this episode, it seems that the show somehow got an overall in term of art because it looked a lot better than it used to. In the past weeks Nakamura and Kasuga looked both like completely demented human and they had a severe lack of nose and their face was overall just really poorly rendered. Even if their facial expression were changing in previous episode the overall expression displayed was so inhumane that it was very difficult to understand and relate to their emotions. This episode we were finally able to see the defining feature of their face and it helped greatly (at least in my case) to discern their emotions and distress in most situations. It was fantastic to be able to finally look at the episode without puking everywhere because of the art. I mean of course the art is still no where near anything decent and it is sub-par compared to just about everything else, but it is already huge improvement that it has become good enough to at least understand what the hell is going on.

Aku no Hana honest facial expression

Another really bad point of the show (at least for the first episode) was that the show was ridiculously slow and boring. So little happened after so much time that it is no wonder that nearly everyone labeled this show as “the worst show of all time”. While the show definitively isn’t something that anyone can watch, I believe that it is actually much better than most of the generic crap thrown at us each season. Aku no Hana has risen to become one of my favorite show this season. Of course it cannot compared to AAA productions like Shingeki no Kyojin, but the story and feeling of the show is definitively interesting and different and it makes Aku no Hana what it is.

Aku no Hana creepy stalker

Now back to the content of this episode itself. I was really excessively surprised to see that somehow Kasuga managed to come out of that date winning. He was thrown into that date against all odd and was under enormous pressure and yet he managed to enter in a relationship with Saeki even with Nakamura’s interference and the complete awkwardness he showed throughout the show. I must congratulate the man because it requires a lot of skills (and mostly luck) to make it after so much bullshit. Then again his victory is mostly the result of Saeki moving towards him in the first place. Kasuga might have made every single final move, but in the Saeki is the one who came up to him and told him that he was awesome and she is the one who asked if they would see each other again in the future. In the end Saeki nearly took the questions and answers on Kasuga’s lips and he only had to blow a little in-between his lips for everything she had already placed to escape his mouth. Saeki deserves someone much better than that weak bullied kid.

date destroyed

I started this show because it was different, but the more the season goes the more it seems like the show might actually become really good too. If the quality keeps on improving I could see myself actually recommending this show to a few fucked up people I know. Hopefully it will be the case.

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