Aku no Hana episode 6: She wants the D

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I’m not sure what I should think or expect of this show anymore. I felt like this episode wasn’t as creepy as the previous one. The odd feeling of bizzareness that was felt in nearly all previous episode felt a bit less present this episode. Throughout most of the episode I felt like a was watching a really deep and psychological school life romance. Only later did the special feeling of horror creeped up once again. I feel like maybe the show is starting to have trouble keeping away from the manga’s feeling while still following the story. After all the manga of Aku no Hana is much less creepy than the anime. It is more of a seinen, psychological misadventure of a young man. Meanwhile the show is closer to bullying and psychotic girl type of story.

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Although as time goes on I feel like I like Nakamura more and more. I used to think that she was absolutely crazy and an asshole and a bully, yet the more time goes by the more I start to like her and what she is trying to do. I mean she does have really weird way of helping people, but in her heart I just feel like she has the best of intention even if she has the absolute worst way of helping. I mean if you look at it she is quite impartial in what she is doing, she isn’t just bullying Kasuga anymore, she seems to be doing the same to Saeki. Now Saeki obviously thinks that Kasuga is cheating her with Nakamura, but that will most likely easily be cleaned up. Meanwhile she is talking to both Saeki and Kasuga and she is simply trying to open everyone’s heart and having everyone show their true self. I find her intention really interesting and pure in a way, she wish for people to be more truthful to themselves and to me this is noble. She might be crazy, but she is slowly gaining my support.

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Meanwhile I guess it is always a good thing to know for Kasuga that the girl he loves wants to fuck him. I mean even if you want to take things slowly and even if your intentions are pure, eventually if you want to stay with that girl things will get there and for a guy there is no better way to tell them that you love them than telling them you want to fuck them. That’s like saying a thousands “I love you” in just a few words.

Aku no Hana secret out

Meanwhile I find it really hilarious that I’m actually watching a school life romance without me wanting to. I absolutely hate those kind of shows and it is no different to the love story inside this show. If it wasn’t for the fact that the show is creepy as hell and fucked up, I would have probably dropped it by now, I would have never watched the anime if it was a direct interpretation of the manga. I’m just weird like that, give me a standard decent school romance and I’ll never watch further than the first episode, give me a completely terrible looking show with creepy characters and I’ll watch it with passion.

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