Aku no Hana episode 7: Deviant Art

Aku no Hana deviant art

Before I get into the thick of this episode, I just have to say that it is really great that the new opening isn’t destroying my ears and that the singer actually has a pretty voice for once. It was getting really exhausting to begin every single episode with an orchestra of ear-shattering songs.

Aku no Hana making the world go round

Now down to the episode itself, this episode surprised me a lot. The first half of the episode was looking a lot more like a school romance drama than anything else, I felt that the first 10 minutes of this episode was slowly uninteresting me. Saeki and Kasuga were able to lie to each other to reassure themselves and Kasuga wanted to come clean and asked Nakamura for help. Up to here nothing was really interesting to me, I’ve been a teenager before already, I’m done with that and I want to see things I’ve never seen or experienced before. The second part of the episode did a great job at that.

Aku no Hana faceless love

Because of the introduction that gives a glimpse of the episode I was able to understand pretty quickly that Nakamura would ask Kasuga to write everything to the board for everyone to see. Yet I also expected him simply not to do it and for Nakamura to abandon him. From there Kasuga would finally be free to be normal and be happy with Saeki. That outcomes sound extremely boring to me, I think I would have grown bored of this show pretty fast if it would have become the real outcome.

Aku no Hana deviance expressionism

I was overcome with joy and confusion when I saw Kasuga cry out to Nakamura when she was leaving. I never expected Kasuga to care so much for Nakamura, especially after all that she had done. She was constantly bullying him and never seem to bring much to his life. I guess that maybe Kasuga has somewhat of a Stockholm syndrome, he is starting to feel really close to Nakamura, I wouldn’t be surprised if over time he starts falling for her more than Saeki, which in my opinion would be a shame considering that I’m pretty sure Saeki is just as fucked up than Nakamura in reality.

Aku no Hana saeki is weak

Now I’m most excited to see what is going to happen next episode, Nakamura is in deep shit, but she obviously don’t give a fuck about what consequences befall her, what I’m most curious about is for Kasuga. His life as he knew it is now officially over, there will be no turning back for him anymore, he will either have to go the path of complete deviance or the path of a very big cliff or a subway line. I have a feeling like the show will take a completely different path from now on, or should I say, the show might finally fully embrace what it is all about. There is no more hiding anymore, the root of evil has sprung and there will be no more excuses. The flowers are now blooming and evil is spreading.

This show is turning out to be much more fun to watch than I ever imagined, if things keeps up like this I might even fall in love with this show and become a true hipster, watching terribly underground shows and loving them.

ZeroGhj signing off

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