Aku no Hana episode 8: Defiled

Aku no Hana realization

No wonder this show is hated by the mainstream and by anyone with common sense. This show is filled with deep icons and there is meaning in nearly every background and pictures. The setting is set in such a way as to create an even bigger feeling of despair and darkness in the heart of the viewers. The show is unsettling, it is meant to upset and disrupt the audience. It is difficult to watch, might it be because of how slow, repetitive or how artistically different, everything in the show is made to screw you up and how you enjoy your shows.

Aku no Hana walking slowly

This makes for a fantastically scary experience, but it also makes it that no one will actually enjoy watching it unless they are complete masochist like myself. Here is a quick recap of the first 9 minutes of the show. We have a recap of the last episode, the introduction…and then they walk really slowly the rest of the time. they walked home for well over 5 minutes…nothing else happened. Nothing was said, no real action other than slow walking NOTHING ! I must admit I skipped 30 seconds here, I couldn’t even take it and I usually consider myself to be someone who is patient and tolerant.

Aku no Hana messy room

Yet if somehow you went through this terrible first half of episode, which was absolutely boring, you were shown the most awesome second half you could have hoped for. I like to consider that this episode began 12 minutes in. It is only when we can actually see the real stress that the event bring that we can truly begin to understand his pain and how he completely ruined his own life. There is no more turning back for him, he really had no other choice but to accept the fact that he was now a deviant. I mean he already seemed to be a lot closer to Nakamura than he was with Saeki, he went around the whole town while holding her hand in a calm night, that is romanticism if I ever saw some. I have a feeling that he will end up for Nakamura for a little while now, after all he pretty much committed to her when he completely destroyed Saeki psychologically in front of the whole class. I mean he didn’t just humiliate himself here, Saeki is the biggest victim of it all, especially since Kasuga wasn’t caught in the end.

Aku no Hana nakamura

Now Saeki is even aware that Kasuga was the perpetrator and there is only two possible outcome that I can see out of this. Either Saeki is just as psycho and in love with Kasuga that she will join his world. Or Saeki will abandon Kasuga and Nakamura will be the one to take Kasuga for herself. I must admit that I have no idea why the biggest psycho of the school and the most intelligent girl in the class are both after him, after the all the guy is extremely boring, but I guess Japanese women love those little pussy who have no confidence and who are outcast of society.

Aku no Hana she knows

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