Aku no Hana episode 9: Suicide Pact

Aku no Hana let's kill ourselves

This episode was quite interesting once again. I was not interested in Saeki too much until this episode. She looked strong, intelligent and a bit fucked up, but I never expected her to be so honest, courageous and understanding. She realized that the boy she hardly knew is in fact the culprit who stole her gym clothes and destroyed her whole classroom humiliating her even more in the process. She came to the realization that the source of all her bullying was in fact the guy she was in love with. It just seems like everyone in this show really has some kind of Stockholm syndrome going on, because everyone seems to be in love with their bully. Even though Nakamura is completely ruining his life, Kasuga just keeps hanging out with her.

Aku no Hana surprise buttsex in school bathroom

This episode Saeki admitted to knowing everything, she told Kasuga that she was even flattered by it, she told him that she was still ready to be in a relationship with him, she didn’t even denied the rumor that she wanted to fuck him. Saeki pretty much had the balls to do everything right for things to work between them and yet Kasuga couldn’t even take that opportunity and instead he ran away. I feel like Saeki really is the perfect girl for Kasuga, she is willing to learn more about him, she is even willing to accept his deviance and to learn more about him. Meanwhile Nakamura offers really little for Kasuga, she pretty much guarantee a life of bullying and while she claims to try to open up Kasuga, she is only opening up the region of him that she wants him to open, even if those region are inexistant in the first place.

Aku no Hana saeki tears

The more this show goes on, the more I expect for someone to die. I think that suicide is quite the possible outcomes from the look of things. By now Kasuga already abandoned all hope of a normal life and Nakamura is sure to help him run away. Saeki will be troubled by everything that happened and while she looks very strong I have a feeling that her own sense of guilt and curiosity would destroy her if anything were to happen to Kasuga. At this point it seems like a race is already underway, what kind of race though I am unsure. Regular people would say that it is a race to find Kasuga before Nakamura takes him anyway, perverted people would say it is a race to find Kasuga and see who will take his virginity first and sadistic people would say that it is a race to find Kasuga before he kills himself. From my point of view, I think I’m a sadistic pervert. I’m quite curious what this show will have to offer in the next episode.

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