Akuma no Riddle episode 1 [First Impression]: Yuri Ninja Contract

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After watching the first episode I am still on the fence about Akuma no Riddle. The show has definitively some pretty boring and way too inhuman characters that makes it difficult to take any emotional input seriously, but at the same time it looks like it has some fun “game show” concept that makes it seem similar to Danganronpa in a sense. Another problem with the show is the yuri tag that appears everywhere as you watch the show, there will probably be some very weird romance between the two main girl and while I don’t mind yaoi or romance, I have a bit more trouble understanding yuri. If it fits in the show as something natural that help things go along and progress I won’t mind, but yuri shows have a tendency to over emphasize fan service and to derail everything to have girl on girl action.

Akuma no Riddle meeting everyone

Akuma no Riddle doesn’t look like such a bad show at first glance, the premise of a battle royal in a classroom full of assassin is interesting, especially if one of  the assassin decides to protect the target. There is evidence of fun story there, but I find myself doubting a lot about this show after watching only this first episode. I feel very concerned mainly about the character design. I understand that everyone at that school is a killer, but I feel like the girls are all way too psychotic right off the bat to find myself interested in learning more about them, everyone in the show already acts like they are about to murder everyone in there just for fun. To be fair, I still don’t completely understand the reason why 10 assassin were sent to kill an innocent little girl…and why it would be difficult in any way to accomplish that task in less than 5 seconds.

Akuma no Riddle target

Show aside, it just goes to tell how good and interesting a show is when subgroup refuses to sub it because it is too uninteresting. I didn’t find Akuma no Riddle that bad, but I must admit I have little hope that the show could ever get really popular and good. I’ll keep on eye out for this one because maybe all my fears are uncalled for, but I seriously have doubt that things will turn better than this first episode, I fear the yuri fanservice session in a nonsensical action school-life anime.

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