Akuma no Riddle episode 2: May the Game Begin

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I am happy to say that, my fears from the first episode seem to have dissipated quite a bit after this episode. We now have a much better idea of what it is we will be watching for the next 11 episodes of the show. Turns out that while the Yuri element of Akuma no Riddle will probably be a thing, it won’t take up too much of the show and everything will be center more around killing and murder. I think this show looks cool and enjoyable, but I still don’t think it will be amazing by any mean, just a good show in general.

Akuma no Riddle assassin school girl

I still have some doubts about the show. there are a lot of genre mixing together in peculiar ways, it is a bit strange to have murderous assassins trying to kill some girl in some kind of game show environment. I understand it has to be done for the sake of the anime to be entertaining, but if people are paying to have that girl killed…why does she have a winning condition at all? Why is it possible for the girl to graduate and not be dead? If that girl only has dead people protecting her, why don’t they just blow up the whole school and be done with it? I mean, if you really want to kill someone, there are easier way than having assassin fight one another on the job. I just feel like there are already a lot of plot hole forming and we are only at the second episode.

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Now, obviously if you take the show has something more casual to watch, you will probably find it much more entertaining than if you question yourself about all those little details like I do. Yet this is the very reason why I don’t plan to review individual episodes of the show from now on, I would find it rather difficult to have interesting inquisitive questions for a show which doesn’t seem to care that much about logic. The action is at the center of this show, which I figure most people will be happy about. It gives something shallow but fun to watch every week. Akuma no Riddle will most likely be popular with a lot of people, the Battle Royale genre is very sought out currently after all, I’m just not sure it is really a Battle Royale worthy of a lot of praise. After all, I have a feeling that there won’t be much blood, gore and killing, which by itself makes  the whole battle royale theme really moot.

I still think there is a place for this anime this season, it is different enough of everything else and it does have interesting character and story. It is just a bit lacking in depth I believe.

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