Aldnoah.Zero episode 1 [First Impression]: Mars Attack!

Aldnoah.Zero attack on earth

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There is no doubt about it, Aldnoah.Zero is a solid anime with a great universe. We only have had a single episode so far, but already we received a lot of information and knowledge about this universe, how things are and why things are. I will go ahead and say that the pacing and art direction for this episode were splendid, but I will probably elaborate more on those points in the future, what I would rather talk about right now is the huge amount of information we received to build up the universe.

Aldnoah.Zero training practice

There a few things which were shown or discussed that I really loved about this anime. The political games and scientifically accurate science-fiction was a big part of this episode and what made it great in my eyes. Seeing the Nuclear explosion at the end and see it act exactly like it should was impressive. The mushroom cloud burning up everything around it, the powerful shockwaves which destroyed the city like an unbelievable hurricane and finally the EMP effect which destroyed all electronic devices and shut down everything around the explosion site. Everything was accurate and that is such a rarity now a days with our entertainment. I was also rather please to see the Martian plan the assassination of their princess in order to stage their attack upon earth. It is the perfect way to go for a grab of power, it was the perfect way to gain a Casus Belli and wage war again. Now, I feel like reclaiming earth might have been enough of a Casus Belli, but the political structure of the Martian is rather unknown for now.

Aldnoah.Zero convoy

Which leads me to some of my current many questions about the show. We have yet to get the information about everything since we’ve only seen one episode thus far, but there are a lot of things which I find really weird and difficult to explain so far. One of which is the really small time elapsed between the founding of Martian colonies and current day. I understand that there was a war 15 years ago, I understand that the two nations have been divided for a bit less than 45 years now…but 45 years is really not that much in the story of a nation! 45 years is barely a generation and a half, people who were present and involved in the discovery and founding of mars would still be alive at that point, They would simply be in their 70’s. How can a culture change so much, so quickly in only 45 years is beyond me. How can two nation be split up for less than 2 generation and already consider the two of them as completely different species? This is not just a question of separation from the motherland anymore, the other nation consider themselves to be better and completely different from the other one.

Aldnoah.Zero not a single fuck was given

Even more worrying is the fact that somehow some Monarchy was the choice for the political organization of the martian exploration and colonization. That system of government has been dead for well over a century now, I really want to understand what kind of weird turn of event made it resurface in such a weird place as Martian ground. I feel it is unfair to condone the show for this just yet, simply because it is quite possible that an explication exist and was simply not revealed yet.

Nonetheless, those many questions is a good sign for me, it means that the show looks and sound realistic, it means the show is intelligent, it means the show will be fun to watch. I will be watching and blogging Aldnoah.Zero this season.

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