Aldnoah.Zero episode 10: Magical Towels

Aldnoah.Zero Rayet the stupid teenager

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I must admit that I am rather surprised that Aldnoah.Zero is actually heading to end in its 12 episode time frame. As of late it felt like things would never end and they were just dragging things for no reason since the beginning. Turns out that the show had the right amount of content and the focus was just not put where it should have been. The universe of Aldnoah.Zero is awesome beyond measure. I feel like I could watch a show about this universe for years, yet somehow, Aldnoah.Zero makes it difficult for me to truly enjoy any of it. I wish that Aldnoah.Zero was a lot more about the Marsian and a lot less the Terran. I love everything that goes on with Slaine and the Orbital Knights but everything down on the surface is so superficial and boring. We could have cut all the crap around Inaho and the crew and I believe it would have simply improved the show.

Aldnoah.Zero History of the world

Despite the comments I made in a previous episode, everything that is going on with Saazbaum and Slaine is what keeps me coming every week for the show and remembers me why I used to like it when it came out. I’d definitively watch an OVA about the conflict and political challenge in the Vers Empire, I feel it would be much more entertaining than the current struggle of the human on earth. In the end, the direction and the character design are really to blame for the downfall of the show. Most of the characters are too innocent and immature to make this show any dramatic and the situation all look ridiculous and lame instead.

Aldnoah.Zero reanimation techniques

Speaking of those situations, I must say I am a bit annoyed that Princess Asseylum is back to life. Although, I am even more annoyed by the way Rayet reacted to her coming back to life. It was already bad that the twist of the princess being assassinated was ruined so very quickly…it just made it worse to realize why they killed the princess. From a direction perspective, they used the “death” of Princess Asseylum to develop Rayet and make her character stand out more. The whole twist was created only to have Rayet have a stupid teenager breakdown and NOT shoot herself afterward. Maybe if they had a twist followed by another twist I could have gone with it, but right now they are just making explosions to announce the birth of an ant. So much pity arguments that are blown out of proportion, there is just no way anyone can find that more interesting than the actual political implication of the war.

Aldnoah.Zero magical towel


If there was one thing that raised my interest on the earth-side of the story, it was definitively the crazy sci-fi technology which allows the bath towels of the two girl to stay on throughout that whole encounter. Rayet managed to stop a crowd of soldier at gun point and do an entire speech while running around and somehow her towel never falls off. I think there might be an Aldnoah Drive with anti-gravitational power in those towel, it is the only logical way to explain what happened. It is truly a miracle that no naked girl appeared this episode, but with the way the show is headed, it wouldn’t have hurt to have something nice to look at during an episode after all this time.

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