Aldnoah.Zero episode 11: Epic Finale

Aldnoah.Zero crashing for the night

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 Where was this damn episode for the past 8 episodes? Why did they wait so long to start showing things like this into Aldnoah.Zero? At this point I just don’t even know what to say about the show anymore, so many conflicting emotions and opinions.

Aldnoah.Zero princess hummer

First I want to say that the one thing this show definitively doesn’t do wrong, it is his soundtrack. The soundtrack in this episode did about 50% of the job into making everything epic. The soundtrack was flawless throughout the season and if anything, I feel the soundtrack might be more interesting to buy than the DVD for the actual anime. I say wohohoh,  wohohoh.

Aldnoah.Zero princess

I really can’t find anything important and meaningful to complain about this episode. The action was present, the death (although meaningless) were there, the epicness was present and so was the conflict and challenge of war. This episode along with the first two episodes of the show are what I really wanted Aldnoah.Zero to be. It is the masterpiece and excellent that was going to make this show the best of the season. If I were to judge Aldnoah.Zero based solely on this episode, I would actually reiterate my feelings of 10 weeks ago and claim the show to be the best of the season. There was no overly cringy cheesy moment, the Princess personality slowly changed to something a lot less annoying and everyone seemed ready to fight a war like it actually was one. Everything was awesome!

Aldnoah.Zero princess in cockpit

Now if only we could erase everything from episode 4 to 8, that would be great. It is such a shame that I end up having such a bad opinion about this show despite how great half the episodes were. nearly HALF the episodes were great, half of them were worthy of the best show of the season, but the middle episodes were so unoriginal, dragged on and empty that I just cannot come to term with the show anymore. It is such a huge divide between the episodes that I loved and those I hated, my emotions and feelings towards the show are so confused and mixed that I just don’t know what to add or what to feel about the show anymore. I still want to hate the show, yet the episode was so good I just can’t.

Aldnoah.Zero inaho

Now I’m actually hyped to see the end of Aldnoah.Zero, I am surprised that it is actually ending for real in 12 episodes and won’t be dragged on to another 12 episodes season. It is a relief to see it conclude and avoid needlessly dragging things on. Maybe some miracle will happen and the ending for Aldnoah.Zero will be so great I won’t be able to do otherwise but start seeing the show with a positive light once again, I must admit I just have no idea how I will feel about the show once everything will be over, I am simply confused right now, I think I need counselling.

ZeroGhj signing off

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