Aldnoah.Zero episode 12 [Final]: My feelings are Confused

Aldnoah.Zero Inaho last breath

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Such a weird feeling I have after finishing this anime, I was impressed with the ending, but things just felt out of place and wrong somehow. Aldnoah.Zero had huge problem when it came to it’s atmosphere, half the show was rather childish and repetitive, with the other half being dead serious and dramatic.  The last two episode of Aldnoah.Zero were everything I would have wanted this show to be, that ending was absolutely perfect with my vision of the show from the first few episodes. Unfortunately, my opinion and idea of what Aldnoah.Zero is about has changed tremendously since the beginning of the summer. With my new idea of Aldnoah.Zero, the Shakespearesque ending where everyone dies felt just really weird and out of place. How did we go from a universe where NO ONE EVER SEEM TO DIE, to killing off 2 of the 3 main characters? Princess Asseylum should have been killed about 50 times already, so seeing her die at the end of this episode really didn’t trigger any kind of emotion in me, I’ve already reacted to her death enough in the past, at this point I just don’t care, even if now she is dead for good. This is the story of the little boy who cried wolf all over again, I have been completely desensitized to her death.

Aldnoah.Zero princess shot

Another bad play this episode was the final battle between Inaho and Saazbaum. If there is one fatal flaw with Aldnoah.Zero, it is how bad the mecha battles. For a show which spends half its time on those battles, they are so boring and unoriginal. Today’s fight was really the culmination of this unoriginality when everything we saw throughout the show was put into Saazbaum to make the ultimate evil machine. Or at least, I believe that was the intention, to me it just seemed like a traditional video game formula, it felt bland and like the creators just didn’t care anymore what kind of fight they wanted. It was flavorless. Kind of sad when a show all about mecha fail at its very core.

Aldnoah.Zero super villain

Still, I am surprised about two things, first I am very surprised we actually ended the story arc for the show in 12 episodes, with the way everything was dragging on throughout the show, I felt we were just going to drag this stupid war forever. Second surprise to me was the announcement of a second season, and next winter too. The universe of Aldnoah.Zero was pretty cool, I feel like if a better story or a better director is selected, a new Aldnoah.Zero arc could be amazing. I actually want to give a second season a try despite how disappointed I was with what we obtained this summer. Am I a mindless zombie that will watch anything despite how bad it is or am I right to be excited for maybe a better iteration of this universe? I don’t have an answer, but I want to be optimistic that a better future exist for Aldnoah.Zero, with such a great universe it would be cruel that nothing of value be ever made from it. I do not guarantee that I will be covering the show next winter, but I will definitively watch it at the very least.

Aldnoah.Zero Saazbaum dying

As for my review of Aldnoah.Zero has a whole? I’d give the show a 7 out of 10. It was a solid show, but considering the hype around it, it didn’t live up to its expectation, it was an okay show, but other than its soundtrack and its universe, Aldnoah.Zero really wasn’t anything that unique and mind blowing. It suffered from bipolarity, with moment worth 9 out of 10 and other really boring episode not even worth a 5. If you have short term memory and can easily forget everything from the past, you’ll probably enjoy Aldnoah.Zero for its ending alone, but as a whole, the show just ain’t that good.

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