Aldnoah.Zero episode 2: Anti-Matter Shielding Equipment

Aldnoah.Zero run for your life

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I like the direction that Aldnoah.Zero is taking in this episode. I was very afraid after the first episode that queen happy would be having a more major role into the show and everything would turn into a peace and love scenario, but I was glad to see that war was indeed the center of focus. There is nothing better for an anime than the drama of seeing a friend die in front of your eyes.

Aldnoah.Zero friend is gone

Now, let’s talk about that shield that the martian are using because it was most definitively the thing which interested me most in this episode. I am a fan of science fiction and I really love to see how people like to imagine futuristic weaponry and technology. The Kataphrakt seem to be using a shield technology which annihilate everything that touches it. It is essentially going to destroy into small particle everything it comes into contact with, so any material coming into contact with it will be destroyed. This is why they were able to go through buildings, people and highways, no matter what stands in their way they will simply destroy. Now, this also means that their shield cannot possibly cover the entirety of their mech, otherwise the shield on their feet would destroy everything beneath the Kataphrakt and they would simply sink to the middle of the planet. So here I will start theorizing some of the vulnerabilities that those death machines might have. It seems that using powerful mines and lure those mecha into traps would be a really effective method of destroying them, you would simply have to trigger the explosion once they are on top of the traps. Another possible way of bringing them down is the possible maximum amount of “destruction” which the shield can produce at one. It seems unclear for now why they didn’t enter the tunnel, but it could be argue that it would be because entering the tunnel would trigger a collapse of the structures above it and the combined amount of mass falling unto the Kataphrakt would overpower the shields. Those are all different possibilities as to how to destroy one of those monsters from the very few hands on experience we’ve had so far with them.

Aldnoah.Zero super mecha combat

In other news, I must say that I simply love the main character, the guy doesn’t give a fuck. I don’t know if he is a sociopath or simply has a really strong character, but he definitively doesn’t give a single fuck this whole episode. Martians are attacking earth and destroying your country? What ever. Evacuation of the city is underway and I’m too busy making supper? I’ll take the next ride out. My sister got nearly killed in front of me and my friend just got pulverized because I let go of him? I have other friends! The guy is a badass, or a psycho, and I just love that we’ll get to see the world from his point of view, it makes me really happy that we won’t have a cry baby or a super stupid and heroic asshole as the protagonist for once.

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