Aldnoah.Zero episode 3: First Victory

Aldnoah.Zero launching rockets

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Hey, I was at least partially right last episode as to the weaknesses of the Kataphrakt. I didn’t knew what kind of technology it was and misinterpreted the reason why they wouldn’t enter the tunnel, but other than that, things were going as predicted. I must say I am pleasantly surprised with the design of the Kataphrakt in Aldnoah, they are made with good science-fiction that respect their own universe and I admire that. It gives me this much more respect for the show to see they actually took the time to think things through, makes me believe that the story won’t take a turn on bullshit road and we might instead have something amazing.

Aldnoah.Zero rat is getting away

Now, if there is one thing that this episode showed us but not long enough to satisfy my curiosity was the effect of the shield in water. I already though about the effect of having so much matter being absorbed inside and I was curious about the effect it would have on the shield. Seeing as it didn’t seem to overload or anything, it lead me to wonder just how much this thing could absorb, if it even had a limit at all. If the Kataphrakt had stayed in the water, would it have simply drained out the water all around the globe until none would reach it anymore? Just how powerful are those shields anyway? What would happen if the mecha was turned upside down? Would it just dig down the earth until it reached the mantle and then be disintegrated because it has no shield at certain places? I feel like that technology alone is strong enough to completely annihilate the earth if they simply at put a bit more thought into the engineering of their machines. Their design seems to have obvious flaws that could have easily been fixed with just a bit more thinking.

Aldnoah.Zero water absortion feature

Their technology does have its ridiculous perks though, who would have thought that the Princess would have a technological device able to create a perfect replica of a magical girl transformation. I was nearly surprised that she didn’t simply transform as sailor moon after she switched look, she was close enough after all. I found that little bit rather ridiculous and didn’t really knew how to react to it. I’m not even certain why she really needed to stay hidden as a random girl for that long to begin with, I understand she was scared of assassins and of Terran because they tried to kill her, but the people from earth didn’t even knew what she looked like to begin with I’m pretty sure.

Aldnoah.Zero princess sailor moon

Now the whole story will most likely revolve around the survival of that princess to end the war. Without casus belli the martian will probably stop the war, or at the very least they will start fighting one another because of the attempt of murder on the princess. This quest to get the princess to be recognized of being alive will probably be the very end goal of this anime, I figure that once that girl will be shown to be alive the show will be about at its end. Either that or the martian will straight up disregard her existence and just continue to wage their war.

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