Aldnoah.Zero episode 4: Least efficient use of future technology

Aldnoah.Zero lazer sword

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Aldnoah is the best show of this season, but it still has its little weak points here and there. There were a couple rather cheesy plot device this episode which I had trouble overlooking. The first one being the meteor strike which so conveniently missed EVERYONE. I understand how Slaine could have avoided hitting any while he was in his technological advanced spaceship, I can understand how the student managed to leave the city just far enough not to get caught in the explosion OR the shockwave, but any asteroid shower like this one would create a force powerful enough to generate a tsunami. Their little ship should have been hit by the following shockwave/tsunami. Another problem I had was the actual cloud of dust that rose up after the meteor strike, it formed a cloud with a ring along its base which makes no sense what so ever unless something would detonate in the air, which it didn’t.

Aldnoah.Zero sploding rocks

Yet another cheesy plot device was the ignition malfunction in the ship in which they were leaving in. It has been done countless times and it is just getting a lazy way for people to get stuck somewhere at this point. It is extremely unlikely that military equipment of such technology and which is constantly maintained and used by professional would just suddenly jam. In the unlikely event that something like this would happen, I am fairly certain that the fix for this ignition malfunction wouldn’t be to “give a big hit on a wrench”. It just made the otherwise incredible story feel rather cheap on those point.

Aldnoah.Zero fixing stuff

Something else that bothers me is not related to the story itself, but rather the martian nation in the show and their complete stupidity when it comes to engineering. Every time we are met with another custom Kataphrakt they use some splendid new technology in some awful way. This time around we had a knight harvest the power of plasma to create an energy sword capable of melting through everything and destroying incoming projectiles. While it looks really cool, from a technical perspective, if you are able to create a sword made out of energy, you can probably uses that energy into some gun or cannon. Why in the world are all those Kataphrakt using melee techniques instead of trying to optimize their range capabilities? It is all made even worse because their mecha are so damn slow. I feel like the Terran could just kite them around all day, it would be a great match between indestructible slow melee mecha and faster, fragile, ranged mecha. Somehow I would still give the advantage to the ranged mecha, since at least they can get a lucky shot at some point. I just wish that at some point a martian will use a Kataphrakt which actually makes sense, using technology efficiently. Maybe have a gun, some doom missile or something, anything which doesn’t require their super slow mecha from getting in range of the enemy and look dumb.

Aldnoah.Zero range advantage

Despite my whining, I really love the show so far, Inaho’s “I don’t care” face is worth the show by itself. The guy doesn’t give a fuck no matter what happens I am in love with that attitude. It is so different from other anime, it is not something we see often and the farther away we are from a chivalrous, stupid, white knight, the happier I will be.

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