Aldnoah.Zero episode 6: Mecha are fighting or something

Aldnoah.Zero throwing hands around

Oh Aldnoah.Zero, why do you have so many great elements and still manages to go downhill even more as time goes by? It seems that every episode I am losing about half the excitement I previously had for the show and I can tell you we certainly are not far from reaching the half-life by now. Just about every show I am currently watching are slowly turning out better than anticipated, but it certainly isn’t the case with Aldnoah, we are still going down pretty quickly here ladies and gentlemen.

Aldnoah.Zero another knight

This episode had a lot of great new elements of the story and the universe revealed. We had Slaine join up with the rest of the humans, we had the explanation as to why there is a monarchical government on mars, we got to know all this stuff. They manage to explain with valid reasons why everything is the way they are, filled up a lot of plot hole we still had with the show. It is great to see that their universe actually hold up together in a way. It feels really satisfying to explore their universe and understand the history behind what is happening. The problem lies with what is actually happening.

Aldnoah.Zero vars emperor

Every episode feels so damn empty despite everything that is revealed. This episode I feel all the progress made was for the ship to move from the middle of the ocean to “nearly” reaching a random island, which is abandoned. Ever since the show started, in 6 episodes, the main character only escaped and ran away. He went from his home, unto a ship, and now he crashed the ship on an island. If these are the first 6 episodes and there are only 12, I cannot wait for episode 12 where they actually get to the Russian U.N headquarter after escaping more mecha every single episode.

Aldnoah.Zero shittiest soldiers

Look, we are at the halfway point of the season, usually this is where you start spicing things up, where you have your first climax, your first big reveal. Instead we just got yet another extremely boring mecha battle and a little white boy escape a floating citadel full of enemy. It is extremely difficult to take the martian seriously after a 14 years old boy escaped despite 20 of them shooting directly at him.  They are even worse shots than stormtroopers.

Episode after episode, we just get the same formula again and again. We’ve been watching this show for only 6 episodes and I am already getting sick of it. For such an interesting universe they sure made their best to have the story be as boring as possible. Guess what, throwing around robot fights every episode is not a winning strategy to make something good, quite the opposite actually. I really don’t have any hopes left for Aldnoah.Zero, but since I’m a masochism I’ll watch it until the end and see the show get worse and worse, slowly destroying my hopes and dreams.

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