Aldnoah.Zero episode 5: Disappointment

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 I was not impressed with this episode of Aldnoah.Zero. For the past 2 episodes I feel like it is going in a dangerously lame route. The “plot twist” and exploits of the main characters are a bit tame and boring and I feel like direction of the episodes is just off somehow.

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The show generated a lot of interest in the first few episodes and it still does. Many still claims that Aldnoah.Zero is the best show of the season, but I don’t. Aldnoah.Zero is on a downward curve in my heart and the depression keeps on getting steeper with each passing episode. With only 12 episodes, it already seems unlikely that we will get to any kind of conclusion with Aldnoah.Zero, the story is progressing extremely slowly and things just seems to be getting started with nearly half of the season over already. In 5 episodes very little backstory was covered and while we did get a better understanding of some characters, the show otherwise feels rather empty and confusing still. At this point I would expect to be able to have a clearer definition of who the characters are and how they became the way they did. I still feel like the only interesting character in the whole show is Inaho, everyone else just feel like flat, empty characters (which is highly ironic considering Inaho’s personality).

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Story and character aside, the action was really stupid in this episode. It is already the third time that Inaho uses some kind of “interesting strategy” to defeat the superior enemy with simple tactics and it is already getting pretty old. They will have to come up with something new very soon because it is simply not doing it for me anymore. We get it, Inaho is intelligent and he is good at finding solutions on how to defeat his opponent, maybe it is time to see something new and more “interesting and complex” ways of defeating his enemies at least? Having the same Knight as before come back for a revenge during the armistice, the same knight who 5 MINUTES BEFORE WAS SCOLDING SOMEONE ELSE ABOUT BEING TOO SELFISH FOR TRYING TO GET ACHIEVEMENTS ON THE BATTLEFIELD. Please give me a break. I understand that hypocrisy and betrayal is a staple of the Orbital Knights, but right now their personalities is so twisted and stupid that it broke my vision of the show. Those characters don’t seem possible to me anymore, no organization of any kind could possibly work with so many selfish and loyal-less figures. i cannot believe in any kingdom that can be so easily shaken and taken advantage of by a couple of Counts. Even less so when even the subordinate of said counts manages to be complete idiots. In the end, everyone in this damn show is a huge stupid tool with Inaho being the only person there with an average-level of intelligence which make him look like the brightest person alive.

Aldnoah.Zero look at me fool

A show ruled by idiot and idiocy is not entertaining, I hope that things will turn for the better soon with Aldnoah.Zero because things just on getting more and more disappointing.

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