Aldnoah.Zero episode 7: Welcome to our new Flying Citadel

Aldnoah.Zero new flight force

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Finally got an episode of Aldnoah.Zero which I liked ! It sure had been a while. Maybe I’m simply in a better mood, maybe it is genuine and deserving, but I actually didn’t fell like I was wasting my time while watching this episode of Aldnoah.Zero. I still felt like about half the episode was just absolutely boring and pointless battle with very little progress made when it came to moving things forward, but hey, at least some stuff happened this time.

Aldnoah.Zero space ship

First of all, I really appreciated the way Inaho approached the conflict between two Martians and humans. The guy really knew how to take advantage of everything in his favour. I appreciate the way he think and how he so quickly discarded the help of Slaine has soon as he felt like they might enter some conflict of interest. He sure is extremely rational and always make the best call. His completely unpassionate and unemotional behaviour is the reason I love the guy so much, he makes you realize how stupid most people are and how bad they are at decision making because they let their hopes and emotions get in the way of their critical thinking. In this situation, yes Slaine could be an attribute, but in most case he will just be a lot of trouble without benefit. The last thing Inaho wants is for some Martian to get to meet the princess and kill her, she is the only bargaining chip the human still posses if they want to survive this war.

Aldnoah.Zero cockpit

And now she just increases her bargaining chip power because through pure luck (obviously) they found a secret base with working Kataphrakt and flying ships which requires Aldnoah drives to work, and they just so happen to have one of the very few people who posses the power to operate those. The Princess now not only is a tool to end this war, she also provides access to new powerful weaponry and everything a human could hope to have in a war against alien with powerful technology. I must say, I am very confused how such an enormous ship somehow managed to be hidden under an island, but even more importantly I am confused how the whole crew managed to control that huge ships and get it out of the ground in just about 2 minutes flat. I don’t care how skilled you are, you won’t take off with something that huge without any knowledge of how it works that quickly.

Aldnoah.Zero reveal

I still feel like this show has way too much fighting and make way too little actual progress. I mean, this episode everyone moved about 20 meters, crash their ship and replace it with a flying one instead. the show is 20 minutes and I wouldn’t be surprised if everything that happened actually took less 10 minutes total. I feel like Aldnoah.Zero has the pacing of a sport anime, and that’s really not a compliment here. At least if they keep having such big reveal maybe I can still find some kind of enjoyment in the show in the end.

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