Aldnoah.Zero episode 8: Torturing is Fun!

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I will probably just sound like a hater at this point, but this show has just such great potential and ruin it so badly that it is really difficult to not hate on it. The show looks good, the few characters are well thought out, the universe is interesting, but the actual show is so boring to watch. At least we didn’t once again get a mecha fight this episode. It must be the first time since the show begin that a giant robot didn’t fight against Inaho. I understand that the show is about mecha, but it was really nice for them to change the formula at least a bit this time around.

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I have a few questions about this episode though. First of, how did the Martian get their hand back on Slaine exactly? The guy sunk to the bottom of the ocean yet not only did he manage to somehow survive, the Martians were even able to find him, bring him back to the ship and somehow not see the giant flying battleship while recovering Slaine before he drowned.

After that, why exactly does everyone care so much about Slaine being alive? I remember him being the son of an important Aldnoah scientist, but the son of a scientist really doesn’t amount to anything that important now. I remember they wanted to use him to locate the princess, but now it seems rather obvious they won’t get any such information from him anymore. So why in the hell does Saazbaum tries so badly to still keep him alive?

Aldnoah.Zero enemy attack

After the risk he took to get Slaine, potentially exposing his identity to the other Knights, killing Count Cruhteo, Saazbaum better have some genius plan ahead of himself. Now what I’m wondering is if Count Cruhteo is even dead or not. From the event at the end of this episode, it would seem obvious that he is, but this show really seem to dislike killing people so far. While it would make me sad for yet another character to somehow survive, I don’t have much hope left anymore anyway.

Aldnoah.Zero Lord Fist a Baum

We don’t have specification as to the flying battleship now in the control of the Terran forces, but I feel like something powerful enough to fly in the air under earth’s gravity should be fast enough to travel the distance between northern Japan to Russia in a matter of minutes. That thing looks like it could fly in space, so why is it that they have still yet to reach their destination?  I just can’t wait for the story to actually progress a bit more on the human side, we are slowly closing in on the end of the season and we have still yet to make any kind of real progress on that part of the story. Yes they got a new ship, but in the end they are still doing the same thing they were doing since episode 1…running away. I want for something to happen in Aldnoah.Zero before the end of the season, otherwise I just won’t bother watching anything else that come out of this show.

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  1. Crisp says:

    As any mecha supervillain, Saazbaum watched Aoki Eri’s special count to a/z program where he said Slaine is the mc of next cour and the key player of the whole show plot. So he has to get his hands on him.

    He also probably lusted after his dad. Aoki makes fun of him lusting after Slaine in the cover of the script. Slaine is the show main heroine.

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