Aldnoah.Zero episode 9: Back to Being a Good Show?

Aldnoah.Zero confrontation

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Why did they have to wait so far into the show to start producing something so good and interesting? Why is it that they had to give us 6 – 7 episodes of crappiness before reaching the last two episodes. This episode is what Aldnoah.Zero should have been about since it started. It is such a waste and a shame that it took so long to reach this point in the story. I want to start this all again and just include the good parts. I could still be blissfully watching Aldnoah.Zero without any doubt that the show could turn wrong. Unfortunately, it is too late for me to be able to stop all criticism about the show because of the bad start it had.

Aldnoah.Zero killing your friend

Despite my original, quite negative, opinion of Aldnoah.Zero I couldn’t help but feel exalted with this episode. We had character development, we had story development, we had development of the universe…it was simply rich and wonderful. I don’t need a single battle between mecha to happen, I just want to catch a ride amidst this universe and understand this war, why it happened and the involvement and importance of all major figures. Basically what I ever wanted what something along the line of the last two episode and it is difficult to hide my excitement for the sudden turn of events.

Aldnoah.Zero after the kill

We now have Slaine face to face with the traitor who wants to kill the princess he cherish so much. I must admit I still don’t fully understand why Saazbaum said the whole truth to Slaine. I understand that he was saved by his father and therefore owes him his life,  but even if someone saved me I wouldn’t feel entitled to reveal the truth the that person, especially if that truth could lead to my execution and if that person were opposed to my principles. I am uncertain what kind of objective Saazbaum has in keeping Slaine alive, does he really need his approval? The guy is a successful Count, I’m sure he could keep Slaine safe without putting himself in danger of getting betrayed. I have so much trouble understanding the logic of those noblemen sometimes.

Aldnoah.Zero Saazbaum

But speaking of Slaine and his love for the princess, he will probably be rather disappointed to learn what happened to her. I was rather surprised to see Rayet finally do what she was born to do and finish off the princess herself. It was brutal, it was swift, it was glorious. I wish it would have been done much earlier, it just gives another reason for this war to go on for quite some times. Obviously, here I am assuming that the princess is actually dead. She was a political tool to begin with, as most princess are, so I sure hope that her death was real and she is not simply unconscious. Now the military excursion are all crashed on a huge technologically advance flying battleship…without any source of power. It will also make for more interesting story telling now that the princess actually died. War and politics is something more complex than it seems, the princess was cheerful and innocent and it cost her life. As long as she doesn’t get back up somehow, I think I can give Aldnoah a second chance.

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