Amagi Brilliant Park episode 1 [First Impression]: Purposely Demotivating

amagi brilliant park isuzu shotgun


Kanie Seiya has just been cordially invited (threatened???) to a date (Or a job interview)! Sento Isuzu, a bright (mostly scary) and cheerful (not) girl, hangs out with him all day at the (not amusing) amusement park and the day ends brightly with a kiss on the lips (and a job offer) from Latifa Fleuranza, the (truly) magical princess.


There are simply so many things that make this show full of potential; now let’s just hope that it stays in a good direction and keeps us entertained throughout the rest of the season. I definitely expect good things from the show as a whole; now let’s just hope I don’t get disappointed!

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From the copyright violations of Bonta-kun from Full Metal Panic, to the simple fact that Isuzu can carry two shotguns around without any kind of storage space for it, to the ridiculously demotivating aspect this show likes giving, I feel like I will never be able to get enough of these damn ridiculous jokes already. The lack of explanation or emphasis on any of them just makes everything funnier and kept this episode flowing extremely well despite a slow beginning. There was no feeling that this was dragging on, or that the humour would become boring and redundant rapidly. This first episode was ridiculously demotivating on purpose; it fulfilled its job well.

amagi brilliant park isuzu narrateAdded to that is the potential for an interesting storyline, which will have no choice but to follow its course, considering the time limit of three months that was input into it – this means that we probably won’t get a stall into the show until it actually ends, which is good. To add to this, we also have the premise of a very narcissistic main character who will definitely find in himself and his newly-found superpowers the strength necessary to stop thinking he’s the best at everything and to actually connect back with his broken past; his character development promises a lot.

The only possible problem I see with the show right now is the same as I would see in any other show; will this show follow up with what it promises in the first episode, or was this simply meant to be a bait for us to start watching the show? For the amount of disappointments I’ve had over the years, I still won’t put up my hopes too much on this first episode. The only thing I can say is that, so far, the anime promises lots of entertainment, lots of character development and many stupid and ridiculously demotivating moments which should help brighten our day. Now let’s just hope that it doesn’t disappoint us!

Really, KyoAni, what were you thinking... *sigh*

Really, KyoAni, what were you thinking… *sigh*

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