Amagi Brilliant Park episode 10: Back on Track

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Kanie Seiya hears of Latifa’s disease for the first time, which puts him on the spot as the increase in visitors doesn’t augur well for the park; Seiya certainly doesn’t want her to die (also because of some stupid childhood promise, but let’s forget about that), and so this puts immense stress on his shoulders, and reaching the goal before the deadline seems hopeless until the last week, when Tricen finds “something” which could increase the visitor count immensely in no time.

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Apologies for the absence of a blog post last week; I apparently forgot that Amaburi existed due to exams. Here is the episode, albeit a little late!

So, this time we are finally back on track with the story; and, with all the high laughter we used to have in the latest episodes, we’re suddenly back in the gutter with a really dark episode, where suddenly the jokes are limited and people are on the verge of dying.

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Learning of Latifa’s possible death isn’t really all that surprising, when you think about it. At first, I almost thought that her disease would be that instead of feeding off of Animus she would die of it, but the opposite does put the extra stress on Kanie’s shoulders, and I think that it’s exactly what the show intended to do for him. The whole extra part where she forgets her memories and lives the life of a 14 year-old girl every year, though, just made her life seem even more horrible. I guess it explains just how she can live life for the moment and always be happy as much as she can; after all, she’s not going to be remembering the happy moments for very long. In any case, it’s just sad that such a happy character is completely doomed because of her dad’s weakness; her character reflects too well many real-life situations, and it makes my heart feel bad for all those people putting on a tough face right now when the’re going through hell. amaburi latifa cook

Meanwhile, learning of this illness puts Kanie’s stress up on the roof, leaving him with no other option but to somehow magically find 100,000 visitors in less than 2 weeks. Despite the huge increase in visitor count, the goal set by the investors seems impossible to reach unless a miracle happens, and seeing this reflect on Kanie’s mood was another thing which only made this episode gloomier. When he heard of Latifa’s disease, it definitely only made things worse, and even I was stressed just looking at him.

 amaburi kanie moffle gloomNow all we need to know is whatever the hell the “thing” is that Tricen found for Kanie; apparently, Kanie has a master plan meant to increase the visitor count immensely, and the plan is now able to be put in action. Whatever that is, I don’t know, but we’re sure to find out in the next episode (which, luckily for me, will be happening as you guys read this).

This episode was exactly what was needed to put the show back on track towards a more plot-oriented ending, and also justified very well the last few episodes where nothing much happened. After all, while there was an increase in visitor count earlier, the park needed some time to gain reputation, so giving us some light comedy in the meantime wasn’t such a bad idea. Now, let’s go for the last run of the show, and hope that it doesn’t end in pure disappointment.

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