Amagi Brilliant Park episode 11: Soccer Time

Gosh, I never thought that a last minute deadline could stress me out this much. The countdown is up: 3 hours left, and about 300 guests left to attract in some way or another. Just how will Seiya pull this off?

amaburi kanie desperate


Kanie Seiya has amanged to pull off a miracle! By hosting a soccer game, he is able to get 50,000 customers easily in a single day, and as the deadline approaches, reaching the goal of 500,000 seems definitely a reachable goal. However, there really isn’t much time left, and as the game starts 300 visitors are still left to cross the gates in order to reach the goal. With only 3 hours left to the deadline, Kanie Seiya finds himself in one hell of a pinch!


Ugh, the stress! Although this episode was clearly more hopeful than the last, I can’t exactly say that it put us back to the happy times we used to have in Amagi Brilliant Park.

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As usual, Seiya’s ideas are always great and wonderful. This time, the soccer stadium was clearly the miracle that the park needed; coincidentally, the game had to happen on the same day as the deadline for the park, huh… Well, this is fiction after all and the director can control time and sequencing of events as much as he wants, so I’ll allow it. In any case, this episode reminded us once more just how great of a manager Kanie Seiya can be if he wants to. Although they’re 300 visitors short, the park still managed to get 499,000 visitors in 3 months… When you think about the state of the park back when Seiya joined, this visitor count seems miraculous.

amaburi scary plantsSo far, Amaburi has carried us spectators in many directions. Beginning with a light comedy show shadowed with a pretty dark plot, we went from light-hearted comedy to a suddenly really dramatic show, following the cliché but also parodying it throughout. What I’m most impressed about in Amagi Brilliant Park is just how determined this show is to make things different. I feel like this show alone has managed to refresh the genre of comedy by giving us something deeply realistic yet in a completely fantastic environment; this show is not only humoristic and satisfies all of the anime conventions that we love, but it also gives us something original which simply makes Amaburi pure fun to watch. The anime genre needs more shows like there, and I’m happy to see that something like this came out and (hopefully) will have made big waves in the anime industry!

This face just makes me so happy.

This face just makes me so happy.

Now the question is, just how will Seiya find 300 visitors on 3 hours, right before closing time? We can pretty much all agree that after 6, amusement parks are usually not the most popular places to go to, especially when the closing time is 3 hours later. Getting 30 visitors may have been plausible, but 300? Just how will Seiya pull this off? Next week is the final episode, and I’ll prepare my body to be ready for one hell of a thrilling ride. This is going to be fun~

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