Amagi Brilliant Park episode 12: 500,000 Visitors

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In order to find the remaining 300 guests, everyone tries to call people they know in a desperate attempt to get visitors to cross their gates. After doing all they can, Amaburi finally manages to get their 500,000th visitor and save the park. Not long after this, Latifa’s curse is lifted due to the Animus overload all over the park, and then Kanie Seiya resigns but comes back right the next day because he loves the park so much. The end.


Well, that was a pretty great final episode. Except that… it’s not the final episode.

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Somehow, next week will provide us with some more Amaburi goodness, but it seems that every single plot point is pretty much complete; all except the possible romance between Isuzu and Seiya, which I already assumed wouldn’t come to fruition. So what comes next? Will the characters go on a quest to defeat the evil wizard? (That would be pointless since Latifa is cured already…) Will Sento make a move on Seiya? (That seems too predictable…) The nature of the show leads me to think that next episode won’t be just filler time, but I’m not really sure what else they can put that would work with the current plot. However, I won’t let my hopes down and I’ll keep trusting the show… After all, they like to play with clichés, and leaving the ultimate conclusion as a non-conclusion in the end is probably just another way to play with our minds.

amaburi isuzu downMeanwhile, we can keep thinking that this episode was a pretty good conclusion… I mean, not that we got anything out of the ordinary out of it, but it concluded things well. At this point in time, Amaburi decided to stop being completely ridiculous and to follow through with the plot points they’d left open, in the end giving us the only conclusion that was possible. With Latifa’s possible death on the line, the show wasn’t simply going to let the park close down its doors with 3 visitors missing, were they? Now, to have those three visitors be potential future rapists was definitely a twist I didn’t expect, but overall I thought this ending was pretty predictable.

amaburi latifa cryThe biggest problem I had with this episode was Latifa’s sudden cure of the curse, which seemed to me to be way too convenient for the sake of the plot. So Kanie Seiya needed some motivation in order to get those visitors? Let’s just add a disease to it all! Now that we’re all done with it, we can just make do with the disease and get rid of it as simply as it just got there. Oh, the convenience of anime! As much as I’d like to believe it was all Amaburi’s plan to show that anime always likes convenient plot points, I feel like the producers just ran out of ideas at that point and gave up on giving a good reason to have cured Latifa’s curse. If it wasn’t for that last part, the episode would have been pretty great, but I was pretty disappointed with the turn of events in the end.

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