Amagi Brilliant Park episode 13 [Final]: Worst (or Best) PV Ever Made

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How do we make a PV? This week, Amagi Brilliant Park tells us exactly what NOT to add in a family-oriented commercial. Then again, this is Japan we’re talking about… I guess something like this could be actually pretty normal? In any case, don’t expect anything serious out of this episode. Or an actual conclusion, for that matter. Just think of this as an earlier episode that should have aired a few weeks ago.


Is the show somehow trolling us, or is this episode some kind of transition towards a second season…?

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If it is the latter, I can understand why this episode could be necessary to show that the show isn’t anywhere near complete, and that it can go on forever. However, despite all that, I still find myself completely confused as to why this episode even exists. Don’t get me wrong, it was hugely funny, but it somehow destroys Amaburi’s laborious attempts to have this show follow a consistent storyline with a beginning and an end that make sense. This all brings me back to my first hypothesis, which is simply that these guys are trolls who like to pretend to be serious until they’re not anymore. Which… may not quite be my cup of tea, but the idea is certainly not bad as it allows the show to keep going and for everyone to be happy in the end.

amaburi sylphy boobsIn any case, as a single episode, this week certainly held its ground in comparison to everything we’ve seen of Amaburi so far. With a humour that brought ridiculous to another level, we managed to get some solid jokes as well as a commercial that will certainly remain in my head forever and ever… as a traumatic experience. I was secretly hoping that throughout the episode somehow the PV would get back on track towards some actual masterpiece without our notice, but in the end this result was probably best; I mean, the PV was actually pretty awesome… Just… You know… You get the point.

Final Review

As a show, Amagi Brilliant Park was certainly interesting. Breaking down clichés, putting clever jokes up front and breaking down reality as we know it every single episode made every week thoroughly entertaining, and certainly made me laugh right until the end. The show’s originality makes for a pretty high re-watching value, and overall I highly recommend to any anime watcher to watch this show at least once.

What truly made Amaburi stand out from the rest, however, was that despite all this comedy it managed to implement a very serious storyline where people’s lives were on the line, adding modern themes such as managing a failing business and taking care of someone with serious amnesia. Unlike other shows, Amaburi gave many more scenes to an actual story than they ever needed to, and this made the show more interesting with every week, as the deadline approached and progress seemed to be made all throughout the park. The meaningless comedy suddenly became meaningful, which made it even more entertaining in the end.amaburi title

If I had one thing against the show, however, it would probably be that, in the end, all that plot pretty much went to nothing with Latifa’s sudden cure. After all that stress put on Kanie for having to save her from death but accepting the fact that she would forget about him, she conveniently got cured for pretty much no reason and this conveniently allowed for the park to keep going as it did before with all its happy moments, except now with all the drama being gone.

amaburi sento isuzuWith only just as many resources as any other comedy show, Amagi Brilliant Park somehow turned the overused comedy genre into something completely new, clever and absolutely hilarious. Spicing up everything, we even got a good storyline implemented into the show, but overall even producers know that this was meant to be a comedy that didn’t make sense, and I believe that episode 13 managed very well in that department. Will we get a season 2 of this madness? I certainly hope so, although I’d still be satisfied with only the first season, as there was an actual good conclusion to it.

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