Amagi Brilliant Park episode 2: shit turned serious




Who thought that I’d end up blogging a stupid ass show about someone taking up the management of an amusement park? Heck, I never expected a show like this to turn out any good, but this second episode was just too entertaining for me to skip out on it.

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The show took a dramatic turn in this episode which I expected to see mostly being glossed over in order to favour comic relief. The premise of the show – that is, that the inhabitants of Amagi Brilliant Park will all die if the park isn’t restored to its original glory – was emphasized in this second episode, turning this hilarious comedy into a surprisingly serious show at the same time. The issues arising are real, scary and surprisingly well portrayed. Of course, I can’t assume that things will stay the same throughout, but there are many subtleties hidden throughout the episode that make me believe that this anime will be much more than the fluffy comedy I was scared it would become at first.

amagi brilliant park latifa hopelessBy subtleties, I mean small details of consistency, such as the depiction of the characters we were shown so far, which work very well with the premise of the show. Latifa, for example, may look like a very nice princess, but it only took two episodes for us to notice clearly why this girl failed at managing the amusement park properly. We don’t even need to have it thrown in our faces to see that this girl is a completely naive idiot who will pull out sentences like “I’m sure good things will happen now that you’re here!” Even the show denotes her stupidity through Kakei’s very obvious *sigh* that follows the sentence.

Kakei’s personality is another which makes the show much more interesting simply with his presence. Intelligent, narcissistic and good looking, he doesn’t tarnish his name throughout this second person, and shows us that he isn’t called smart for nothing. Whether or not it is possible to save the park, if it is actually possible then we can definitely expect Kakei to succeed in doing so. Add to this the superpower that allows him to read minds, and I expect this guy to turn the park around pretty darn well.

amagi brilliant park kakei arrogant

In any case, the park seems to be in clear trouble at the moment. We at least know now that the employees aren’t completely hopeless, and that Kakei is dead set on doing his best to fix the park; he seems to have a clear plan, and I’m curious to see him act quickly. This anime should prove to be fun!

Meanwhile, through all this surprising drama, we also managed to get some pretty darn hilarious moments. With the short presentation of all the other characters in the story, combined with the craziness of the main character, we got quite a few funny scenes, sometimes during the most unexpected moments.

**BONUS** here, a derpface crocodile. Honestly, this face makes my day.

**BONUS** here, a derpface crocodile. Honestly, this face makes my day.

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